E. H. MITCHELL Postcard Check List Divided Backs 3000 - 3302 & 3366 - 26538

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E H Mitchell Postcard Checklist Divided Back - Walt's Postcards



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 R P  Ber  Types                                                   Vendor

(*__) 3000 DH2   "Windjammers," Water Front of San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3001 DH2   Hay and Lumber Schooners, Water Front of San Francisco, California.   SCAN div\div3001.jpg

(*__) 3002 DH2   Artistic Apartment Houses, San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3003 DH2   Auditorium Building, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3004 DH2   Westlake Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3005 DH2   Westlake Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3006 DH2   Fishing in the Sacramento River at Shasta Springs Cal

(*__) 3007 DH2   In the "Good old Summer Time" Russian River, Cal.    WH-ltrs

(*__) 3008 DH2   Lost Arrow Trail, Yosemite Valley   California       SCAN div\div3008.jpg                 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3009 DH2   Scene on Lake Merritt, Oakland, California.

(*__) 3010 DH2-a Strawberry Fields near Watsonville, California.     SAS-3011

(DD_)      DH2-b Strawberry Fields California [near Watsonville" blocked out]

(___) 3011 DH2   Strawberry Fields                                   SAS-3010

(*__)      DH3   Strawberry Fields, California.                           SOU

(*__) 3012 DH2   Redwood Giant, Muir Woods, California.

(*__) 3013 DH2   A Scene in Muir Woods, California.

                 SCAN div\div3013.jpg

(*__) 3014 DH2   Affiliated Colleges from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco,


(*__) 3015 DH2   Water Front from Ferry Tower, San Francisco, California.

(___) 3016 DH2   Laughing it over While Waiting for a Tenderfoot.  [Comic]

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3017 DH2   Bridge in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California,

(*__) 3018 DH2   "La Casada," A Beautiful Residence, Redlands, California.

(*__) 3019 DH2   Reflections on the Beach.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3020 DH2-a Happy Youngsters on the Beach.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(___)      DH3-b Happy Youngsters on the Beach,

                    Seaview, Washington (Added in red)

(*__) 3021 DH2   A Jolly Bunch on the Beach.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3022 DH2   Fun for the Kiddies on the Beach.

(___)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3023 DH2   The Life Boat's Jolly Crew. SCAN div\div3023.jpg

(*__) 3024 DH2   Waves of a Summer Sea, The Pacific Ocean.

(*__) 3025 DH2   Cattle at the Brook.

(*__) 3026 DH2   "Caught in the Act".                                 WH-ltrs

(sn_)      DH3   Same

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                     SOU

(*__) 3027 DH2   Fish in Variety, Avalon, Catalina Island, California.

(*__) 3028 DH2   Sunset on the San Joaquin River California

(*__) 3029 DH2   Drying Peaches in California.

                 SCAN div\div3029.jpg   

(*__) 3030 DH2   The Forest Ranger's Cabin

(*__) 3031 DH2   Southern Pacific Steamer Loading Freight, Sacramento River,


(*__) 3032 DH2   State Capitol by Moonlight, Sacramento, California.

(*__)      DH3   State Capitol at Sacramento, California                  SOU

(*__) 3033 DH2   Scene in McKinley Park, Sacramento, California.

(*__) 3034 DH2   Monument to John Marshall at Coloma. Where Gold was first

                   discovered in California.

(*__) 3035 DH2   Le Conte Oak, 3000 years old. University of California,


(*__) 3036 DH2   Santa Fe Depot, by Moonlight, Oakland, California.

(*__) 3037 DH2   Mooswood Park Oakland, California   MS-Mosswood      WH-ltrs

(*__) 3038 DH2   Lower Cascade Falls, Yosemite Valley, California.    WH-ltrs

(*__) 3039 DH2   Tower of San Carlos Mission Monterey Co., California WH-ltrs

(sn_) 3040 DH2   35 Mile Auto Boulevard, Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3041 DH2   Sand Dunes near Pacific Grove, California.                        SCAN div\div3041.jpg

(*__) 3042 DH2   Lovers Point and the Breakwater, Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3043 DH2   Japanese Tea Garden, from Breakwater, Pacific Grove,


(*__) 3044 DH2   Point Pinos Light House, Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3045 DH2   Light House Avenue, Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3046 DH2   Carnegie Public Library, Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3047 DH2   Methodist Episcopal Church,

                   Pacific Grove, California.           SCAN div\div3047.jpg

(*__) 3048 DH2   Pacific Grove Hotel, Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3049 DH2   General View of Pacific Grove, California.

(*__) 3050 DH2   Alvarado Street, Monterey, California.

(*__) 3051 DH2   Sloat Monument, Monterey, California.

(*__) 3052 DH2   Mission San Carlos Borromeo (Carmel) Monterey County,

                   California. Burial Place of Padre Junipero Serra.

                   Founded 1770.

(*__)      DH3   Mission San Carlos Borremeo (Carmel) Monterey County,   SOU

                   California. Founded 1770 - Burial place of Padre

                   Junipero Serra

(*__) 3053 DH2   Y. M. C. A. Building, San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3054 DH2   St. Francis Hotel at Night, San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3055 DH2   Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__)      DH3a  Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, Cal.                SOU

(*__) 3056 DH2   Yosemite Valley, California.

(*__) 3057 DH2   Yosemite Valley, California, by Moonlight.

(*__) 3058 DH2   Group of Mechanics and the A. T. "Thomas" Oakland,


(*__) 3059 DH2   Shattuck Hotel, Berkeley, California.

(*__) 3060 DH2   Swimming Baths, Sacramento, California.

(*__) 3061 DH2   San Francisco, California, from the Bay.

(*__) 3062 DH2   Geary and Stockton Streets, San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3063 DH2   The Donkey Path, Children's Playground, Golden Gate Park,

                   San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3064 DH2   View Eastward from First National Bank Building, San Jose,

                   California.                        SCAN div\div3064.jpg

(*__) 3065 DH2   Miniature Yachting, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco,


(*__) 3066 DH2   Moonlight, Eastlake Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__)      DH3   Moonlight at Eastlake Park, Los Angeles, California. WH-ltrs

(*__)      DH3   Same                                             SOU WH-ltrs

(*__) 3067 DH2   Avalon from the Wireless Station, Santa Catalina Island,


(*__) 3068 DH2   Harmon Gymnasium University of California,

                     Berkeley, California.

(*__) 3069 DH2   Union Square at Night, San Francisco, California.

(___) 3070 DH2   Mission Dolores at Night, San Francisco, California.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3071 DH2   Steamer Tahoe, Lake Tahoe, California.

(*__) 3072 DH2   Trolling for Trout, Lake Tahoe, California.

(*__) 3073 DH2   "Snug as a Bug in a Rug," [Papoose]

(___)      DV1   Same (unnumbered)

(*__) 3074 DH2   The Three Sisters, Oregon.

(*__) 3075 DH2   Mt. Baker from Baker Lake,

                    Washington. [L. C. Smith logo on back]

(*__) 3076 DH2   Hotel El Portal, Yosemite Valley, California.

(___) 3077 DH2   Playing the Shell Game on the Beach.

(*__) 3078 DH2   Residence on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, California.

(*__) 3079 DH2   Road Through the Mountains.

(*__) 3080 DH2   Logging with Oxen.                      SCAN div\div3080.jpg

(*__) 3081 DH2   Palm Walk, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3082 DH2   St. James Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3083 DH2   Winter in Eastlake Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3084 DH2   General Grant Big Tree, General Grant National Park,

                   California.                                        WH-ltrs

(*__) 3085 DH2   Burned out Sequoia, General Grant National Park,

                   California.                                        WH-ltrs

(*__) 3086 DH2   General Lee and Fallen Monarch, General Grant National Park,

                   California.                                        WH-ltrs

(*__) 3087 DH2   Twin Sisters, Genl. Grant National Park, California. WH-ltrs

(*__) 3088 DH2   Path at Sulphur Springs, Piedmont Park, Oakland,

                    California.                                       WH-ltrs

(*__) 3089 DH2   Nasturtium.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__)            Same  (adv on back C. C Morse & Co.)

(*__) 3090 DH2   Pink Geranium.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__)      DH3   Same (glitter)

(sn_)      DH3   Same (A Happy Birthday)

(*__) 3091 DH2   Verbena.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(sn_)      DH3   Same (Chinese characters-UR)

(*__) 3092 DH2   Heliotrope.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3093 DH2   Fuchsias.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3094 DH2   Iris.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3095 DH2   Cornflower.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3096 DH2   Lady Washington Geranium.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3097 DH2   Chrysanthemum  (red)

(*__)      DH3   Red Chrysanthemum.

(sn_)      DH3   Same (A Happy Birthday)

(*__) 3098 DH2   Chrysanthemum  (Yellow)

(*__)      DH3   Yellow Chrysanthemum.

(*__) 3099 DH2   Sweet Peas  (purple)

(*__)      DH3   Sweet Peas.

(*__) 3100 DH2   Violets.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3100A DH2  California Residence                                OVP-3106

(*__) 3101 DH2   Red Berries.

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3102 DH2   Narcissus.

(*__)      DH3   Post Narcissus.

(*__) 3103 DH2   Portland Rose - PORTLAND OREGON THE ROSE CITY

                   (Vignette view of City in Rose)

(*__)      DH2   Same Copyright 1911 Edward H. Mitchell San Francisco

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3104 DH2   Acacia.

(*__) 3105 DH2   Water Front of Alameda, California.

(*__) 3106 DH2   Residence at Lakeside Terrace, Oakland,

                    California.                                     SAS-3100A

(*__) 3107 DH2   Trail to the "Big C" University of California, at Berkeley.

(*__)      DH3   Portland Rose PORTLAND OREGON the ROSE CITY

(*__) 3108 DH2   Residence of President Wheeler, University of California,

                   at Berkeley.

(*__) 3109 DH2   Rough Weather on the Pacific Ocean. (night version of 2493)

(*__)      DH3   Rough Weather on the Pacific Ocean.                      SOU

(*__) 3110 DH2   Grant Hotel, San Diego, California.

(*__) 3110A DH2  Scene on the Waterfront                             OVP-3110

(*__) 3111 DH2   Middle Fork, King River canyon, California. Tehepite Dome in


(___) 3112 DH2   Eucalyptus Tree

(___)      DH3   Orange Tree.

(*__) 3113 DH2   "Breaking the Young Ones", Cawston Ostrich Farm,

                     California.                                      WH-ltrs

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3114 DH2   Tropical Gardens, Cawston Ostrich Farm, California.  WH-ltrs

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3115 DH2   Feeding Oranges Cawston Ostrich Farm California      WH-ltrs

(___)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3116 DH2   Gathering the Plumes, Cawston Ostrich Farm,

                    California                                        WH-ltrs

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3117 DH2   Pleasure Pier Avalon, Catalina Island, California.   WH-ltrs

(*__) 3118 DH2   Amphitheatre, Avalon, Catalina Island, California    WH-ltrs

                   Copyright 1910 Baker Photo Co

(*__) 3119 DH2   Boys Diving for Coins, Avalon, Catalina Island, California.

(*__) 3120 DH2   Avalon from the Hill Top, Santa Catalina, California.

(*__) 3121 DH2   Street Scene, Avalon, Catalina Island, California.

(*__) 3122 DH2   Providence Hospital, Oakland,

                     California.                         SCAN div\div3122.jpg

(*sn) 3123 DH2   Key Route Ferry Steamer "San Francisco" Oakland,

                     California.                         SCAN div\div3123.jpg

(*__) 3124 DH2   University Library, University of California, Berkeley.

(*__) 3125 DH2   Market street at Stockton, San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3126 DH2   The Maid of the Mist   (bathing girl)

(sn_)      DH2   The Maid of the Mist. Newport, Oregon   SCAN div\div3126.jpg

(*__) 3127 DH2   Waiting for the Life Buoys.

(*__) 3128 DH2   A Seaside Convention.

(*__) 3129 DH2   Hotel Metropole, Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, California.

(*__) 3130 DH2   Lovers Leap, Blue Canyon, California,

                     Ogden Route S. P. R. R.

(*__) 3131 DH2   Blue Canyon, California, Ogden Route S. P. R. R.

(*__) 3132 DH2   Southern California Home.

(*__)      DH3   A Southern California Home.

(*__) 3133 DH2   Salt Lake Depot, Pasadena, California.

(*__) 3134 DH2   Old Dutch Mill, Busch's Sunken Gardens,

                    Pasadena, California.

(*__) 3135 DH2   Entrance to Court, Hotel Wentworth, Pasadena, California.

(sn_) 3136 DH2   Residence on Arroyo Terrace, Pasadena, California.  SAS-3137

(*__)      DH3   A Southern California Residence at Pasadena.

(*__) 3137 DH2   A Southern California Residence.                    SAS-3136

(*__)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3138 DH2   Residence of R. R. Blacker, Oak Knoll,

                     Pasadena, California.                           SAS-3139

(*__)      DH3   A Southern California Residence at Pasadena.

(___) 3139 DH2   A Southern California Residence.                    SAS-3138

(___)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3140 DH2   Walk in Busch's Sunken Gardens, Pasadena, California.

(*__)      DH3   Walk in Sunken Gardens of Busch Residence, Pasadena,

                   California.                                            SOU

(*__) 3141 DH2   Southern Pacific Hospital, San Francisco, California. Baker

                   and Fell Streets

(*__) 3142 DH2   Residence on South Grand Avenue, Pasadena,

                    California.                                      SAS-3143

(___) 3143 DH2   A Southern California Residence.                    SAS-3142

(sn_) 3144 DH2   Residence of Dr. F.K. Ledyard,

                     Oak Knoll, Pasadena, California.

                                               SCAN div\div3144.jpg  SAS-3145

(*__)      DH3   A Southern California Residence at Pasadena.

(*__) 3145 DH3   A Southern California Residence                     SAS-3144

(*__) 3146 DH2   Bank of San Jose Building, San Jose, California.

(*__) 3147 DH2   Santa Clara Street and Electric Tower, San Jose, California.

                   Looking West from First National Bank Building

                                                       SCAN div\div3147.jpg

(*__) 3148 DH2   Savings Union Bank and Union Trust Co. San Francisco,

                   California. O'Farrell, Grant Ave. and Market Streets

(sn_)      DH2   Same Zobel's Big Millinery Store 23 Grant Ave.         ADV

                     Largest in the World Occupying Six floors

(*__) 3149 DH2   Pacific Coast S. S. Co's Steamship "Governor."

(___)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3150 DH2   Pacific Coast S. S. Co's Steamship "President."

(*__) 3151 DH2   State Boundary Line, 17 Miles East of Spokane. A Washington

                   Wheatfield and An Idaho Forest Reserve

(*__) 3152 DH2   Lake Merritt, from the Schilling Garden, Oakland, California.

(*__) 3153 DH2   Dunsmuir, California. Road of a Thousand Wonders, Southern


(___) 3154 DH2   Pacific Mail S. S. Co'.s Steamship "" and "Siberia".

                   Operating Between San Francisco,

                   Honolulu, and .

(*__) 3155 DH2   Pacific Mail S. S. Co.'s Steamship

                   "Mongolia" and "Manchuria",

                   Operating Between San Francisco,

                   Honolulu, and .

(___) 3156 DH2   Turbine Flyers of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha. "Shinyo Maru,"

                   "Chiyo Maru," "Tenyo Maru."

(*__) 3157 DH3   S. F. and P. S. S. Co.'s S. S. "Beaver" and "Bear."

(*__)      DH2   San Francisco and Portland S. S. Co. Steamships "Beaver" and

                   "Bear," "Rose City", The Big 3

(sn_)      DH2   Same [Overprinted]                      SCAN div\div3157.jpg

(*__)      DH2   San Francisco and Portland S. S. Co. Steamship "Beaver"

                   and "Bear."

(*__) 3158 DH2   Raisin Grape absorbing California Sunshine, Fresno Co.

(*__) 3159 DH2   Sun Cured Raisins, Stocked, Fresno Co. California.

(*__) 3160 DH2-a Panorama of Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, (With imprint on back

                   of "the Island Curio Co., Honolulu, Sole Agents and


(*__)      DH2   Same (Double folded card, extending the view of the above

                   card to the right, showing the city)

(*__) 3161 DH2   Vancouver Pinnacles, San Benito Co., California.

(*__) 3162 DH2   Hotel Montgomery, San Jose, California. First and

                   San Antonio Streets.

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                     SOU

(*__) 3163 DH2   A Road Beneath the Pepper Trees of California.

(sn_)      DH3   Same

(*__) 3164 DH2   A Home amid the Orange Groves of California.

(*__) 3165 DH3   Muir Woods by Moonlight, Mt. Tamalpais Railway,

                     California.                                     WH-ltrs

(*__) 3166 DH3   Guard House, Presidio of Monterey, California.

(*__) 3167 DH3   Boat House, Monterey, California.

(*__) 3168 DH3   The Lodge, Mosswood Park, Oakland,

                     California.                       SCAN div\div3168.jpg

(*__) 3169 DH3   Fountain, Schilling's Gardens, Oakland, California.

(*__) 3170 DH3-a Rustic Bridge in Schilling's Gardens, Oakland, California.

(*__)      DH3-b Rustic Bridge California.  (rest of above title blocked out)

(*__) 3171 DH3   Boating at Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3172 DH3   Central Square, Los Angeles, California.

(RT_) 3173 DH3   D Street, Looking West, San Diego, California.

(*__)      DH3   D. Street, Looking West, San Diego, California.           X2

(*__) 3174 DH3   Masonic Temple, San Diego, California.                    X2

(___) 3175 DH3   A Southern California Residence, San Diego,

                    California.                                      SAS-3176

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                      X2

(___) 3176 DH3   A Southern California Residence.                    SAS-3175

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                      X2

(*__) 3177 DH3   Mission San Rafael Arc angel (founded 1817) San Rafael,


(*__) 3178 DH3   "Cherries are ripe"                                  WH-ltrs

(*__) 3179 DH3   "Old Man" Rock, Cow Creek Canyon, Oregon. S. P. Lines in

                   Oregon. Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3180 DH3   Cow Creek Canyon., Oregon. S. P. Lines in Oregon.

                   Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3181 DH3   Anna Creek Canyon, Oregon. S. P. Lines in Oregon.

                   Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3182 DH3   Bridge of the Gods and Cascades of the Columbia River

                   On Line of O-W. R. & N. Co.

(*__) 3183 DH3   Pacific Navigation Co's Steamers "Yale" and "Harvard."

(*__) 3184 DH3   Fountain in Central Square, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3185 DH3   Seventh and Broadway, Los Angeles, California.

(*__) 3186 DH3   A Hillside Residence in Southern California

(*__) 3187 DH3   A Southern California Residence

(*__) 3188 DH3   Günter’s Observation Tree, Lake Burien, Seattle, Washington.

(*__) 3189 DH3   Hearst Building, San Francisco, California.

(*__) 3190 DH3   Rock Lake near Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3191 DH3   California, "The Land of Sunshine, Fruit and Flowers."

                   (Map of California) “ This Little Dot…”, Santa Rosa   MWOF

(*__)      DH3   Same (Larger Frame and Darker)

(*__)      DH3   Same (with Los Angles Printed on it)

(*__) 3192 DH3   Corn as it grows in the Great Northwest.   SAS-2984 SAS-2985

(___) 3193 DH3   An Alfalfa Crop in the Great Northwest.    SAS-2986 SAS-2987

(*__) 3194 DH3   Bridal Veil Falls Columbia River on

                    Line of O-W. R. & N. Co.                          WH-ltrs

(*__) 3195 DH3   Horse Tail Falls Columbia River on Line of O-W. R. & N. Co.

(*__) 3196 DH3   Mt. Hood from Vancouver Barracks

                   Columbia River in Foreground

(*__) 3197 DH3   Willamette Falls and Mills, Oregon City, Oregon.

                   S. P. Lines in Oregon. Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3198 DH3   Hell Gate, Rogue River, Oregon. S. P. Lines in Oregon.

                   Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__)      DH3   A California Canyon (words overprinted in silver 6944)

(*__) 3199 DH3   Box Canyon, Rogue River Oregon. S. P. Lines in Oregon.

                   Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3200 DH3   Wolf Creek Loop, Oregon. Shasta Route. S. P. Lines in Oregon.

                   Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3201 DH3   Umpqua and Roseburg Oregon. S. P. Lines in Oregon

                   Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3202 DH3   "The Phantom Ship" Crater Lake, Southern Oregon S. P. Lines

                   in Oregon. Road of a Thousand Wonders

(*__) 3203 DH3   Entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington.

(*__) 3204 DH3   Rainier National Park Inn, Longmire Springs,

                   Washington.                          SCAN div\div3204.jpg

(*__) 3205 DH3   Snoqualmie Falls, Washington.

(*__)      DH3   Same ADV- 42 story L.C. Smith Building Seattle--MW

(*__) 3206 DH3   The Stadium and High School, Tacoma, Washington.

(*__) 3207 DH3   Canadian Pacific Railway S. S. "Princess Charlotte".

(*__) 3208 DH3   Fireboat "Duwamish" in action, Seattle, Washington.

                   Capacity 9000 Gallons per Minute.

                   Monitor Tip 5 in. Diameter.

(*__) 3209 DH3   Armored Cruiser Squadron in San Diego Bay.  X2 SAS-3210

(*__) 3210 DH3   Armored Cruiser Squadron                       SAS-3209

(*__) 3211 DH3   Wisteria in Bloom.

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                     SOU

)sn_)      DH3   Wisteria in Bloom, Stockton, California SCAN div\div3211.jpg

(*__) 3212 DH3   Mt. Rainier overlooking Nisqually Glacier, Washington.

(*__) 3213 DH3   Matilija Poppy.

(*__)      DH3   Same (with words added "BIRTHDAY GREETINGS")

(*__) 3214 DH3   Ragged Robin Rose.

(*__) 3215 DH3   Wm. Allen Richardson Rose.

(*__)            Same (with words added "BEST WISHES")

                   (Also advert on back of Eastman Conservatory)

(___) 3216 DH3   Reine Marie Henrietta Rose.

(*__)      DH3   Same Added words - We supply Cut Flowers

                   and Plants. Visit our growing Establishment at East Lawn.

                   EAST LAWN CONSERVATORIES, Sacramento, Cal.

(*__)      DH3   Same (with words added "BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES)

(DD_) 3217 DH3   Madame Lambard Rose.

(*__)            Same (with words added "BEST WISHES")

(sn_)            Same (with words added "Greetings from

                      Washington-label added)

(*__) 3218 DH3   Liberty Rose. (with words added "SINCERE BIRTHDAY WISHES")

(*__) 3219 DH3   Pink Carnation.  (2 Flowers)

(*__)            Same (with words added "CONGRATULATIONS")

(___) 3220 DH3   Pink Carnation.  (1 Flower)

(*__)      DH3   Same (with words added "A JOYOUS BIRTHDAY")

(*__) 3221 DH3   Chrysanthemum.

(*__) 3222 DH3   Amaryllis.

(*__) 3222 DH3   Same  (Greetings from Washington-added)

(*__) 3223 DH3   Cactus Flower.

(*__) 3224 DH3   Gladiolus.

(*__) 3225 DH3   Hydrangea.

(*__) 3226 DH3   Double Daffodil.

(*__) 3227 DH3   Mission San Jose, California. Founded 1797.

(*__) 3228 DH3   Mountain Climbing Locomotive. Mt. Tamalpais Railway,


(*__) 3229 DH3   A Residence View, Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3230 DH3   Sprague Avenue, West from Howard, Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3231 DH3   Post Street, North from First Avenue, Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3232 DH3   Stevens Street, Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3233 DH3   Eilers Building, Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3234 DH3   Hotel Sutter, Kearny and Sutter Sts., San Francisco,


(___) 3235 DH3   Miss Spokane  [Indian maiden]

(___) 3236 DH3   [untitled-kittens]

(*__) 3237 DH3   [untitled-kittens]                                   WH-ltrs

(*__) 3238 DH3   [untitled-kittens]                                   WH-ltrs

(*__) 3239 DH3   [untitled-kittens]    SCAN div\div3238.jpg           WH-ltrs

(___)            Same [With "Congratulations"]

(*__) 3240 DH3   [untitled-kittens]                                   WH-ltrs

(*__) 3241 DH3   [untitled-kittens]

(*__) 3242 DH3   [untitled-boy/dog]                                   WH-ltrs

(*__) 3243 DH3   [untitled-puppies]                                   WH-ltrs

(*__) 3244 DH3   [untitled-puppies]

(*__) 3245 DH3   [untitled-girl/puppies]                              WH-ltrs

(*__) 3246 DH3   [untitled-2 girls/2 sheep]      SCAN div\div3246.jpg WH-ltrs

(*__) 3247 DH3   [untitled-boy/sheep]                                 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3248 DH3   [untitled-girl/sheep]                                WH-ltrs

(*__) 3249 DH3   [untitled-girl/sheep]                                WH-ltrs

(*__) 3250 DH3   [untitled-pigs]

(*__) 3151 DH3   [untitled-girl/horse]

(*__) 3252 DH3   "The Ox Bow," on the Deschutes River, Oregon.

                   On Line of O-W. R. & N. Co.

(TB_) 3252 DH3   Same                SCAN div\div3252.jpg [WOB never mailed]

(___) 3253 DH3   Hotel Green Pasadena, California                          ML

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(___) 3254 DH3   Westlake Park, Los Angeles, California.                   ML

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(___) 3255 DH3   Eastlake, Los Angeles, California.                        ML

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3256 DH3   Fourth and So. Main Streets, Los Angeles,

                     California.                                      WH-ltrs

(*__) 3257 DH3   The Casino from the Esplanade, Santa Cruz, California.

                                                SCAN div\div3257.jpg

(*__) 3258 DH3   Ocean Front View of the Casino, Santa Cruz, California.

(*__) 3259 DH3   The Casino from the Beach, Santa Cruz, California.

(*__) 3260 DH3   Post Office, Santa Cruz, California.

(*__) 3261 DH3   San Lorenzo River, Santa Cruz, California.

(*__)      DH3   S. P. Tunnel at Laurel, Santa Cruz, California.          SOU

(*__) 3262 DH3   Powder Works, San Lorenzo Canyon, California.

                   Santa Cruz Mountains.

(*__) 3263 DH3   Watching the Breakers at Vue de L'Eau,

                    Santa Cruz, California.

(*__) 3264 DH3   Moonlight at Vue de L'Eau, Santa Cruz, California.

(*__) 3265 DH3   A California Bungalow Home at Pasadena.

(___) 3266       UNK

(*__) 3267 DH3   A Flock of . McCurry Photo

(*__) 3268 DH3   A Summer Moonlight at Lake Tahoe, California.

(*__) 3269 DH3   Orange Groves, Sierra Foothills of Northern California.

(*__) 3270 DH3   Mission San Antonio be Pala, California.                 MP

(*__) 3271 DH3   Southern Pacific Ferry Steamer "Newark" San Francisco Bay,

                   California.                         SCAN div\div3271.jpg

(___) 3272 S3B   Homeward Bound, Entering Golden Gate San Francisco, Cal.

(___)      S1C   Same

(___)      S2B   Same

(*__)      DH3   Entering the Golden Gate, San Francisco,

                    California.                                   SOU WH-ltrs

(___) 3273       UNK

(___) 3274 UNK   Moonlight on the Pacific Ocean.

(*__) 3275 DH3   Moonlight at Crater Lake, Oregon.                    WH-ltrs

(*__) 3276 DH3   Steamers "Bailey Gatzert" and "Dalles City," Columbia

                   River.                  SCAN div\div3276.jpg            ML

(___) 3277 DH3   Mt. Hood, Oregon.                                         ML

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(___) 3278 DH3   Cape Foulweather Lighthouse, Oregon                       ML

(*sn)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

                     Pmkd: 1920, Stmport, Oregon  (city name not clear)

                     Mailedto: Miss Hilda Rosa, Portland, Oregon

(___) 3279 DH3   Dome of State Capital, Salem, Oregon.                     ML

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3280 DH3   Bidwell Bar Bridge, Western Pacific Railway.             SOU

(*__)      DH3   Same  ADV-Bidwell's Bar--MW                              SOU

(___) 3281       UNK

(*__) 3282 DH3   Old Cliff House, San Francisco, California.

                   Burned Dec. 25, 1894                                   SOU

(*__) 3283 DH3   S. P. Co's Ferryboat "Piedmont," San Francisco,

                   California.                                            SOU

(*__) 3284 DH3   Picking Oranges in Northern California.                  SOU

(*__) 3285 DH3   Feather River Canyon, Western Pacific Railway.           SOU

(*__) 3286 DH3   Mission Senora de la Soledad, California. Founded 1791   SOU

(___) 3287 UNK   Mission San Antonio De Padua, Founded 1771, California.  SOU

(*__) 3288 DH3   Mission La Purisima conception, California. Founded 1787 SOU

(*__) 3289 DH3   The Narrows, Spokane River, Washington. SCAN div\div3289.jpg   

(*__) 3290 DH3   The Devil's Teapot, Spokane River, Washington.

(*__) 3291 DH3   "Where the Elephant Drinks," Beautiful Pend d'Oreille

                   near Spokane, Washington.

(*__) 3292 DH3   New City Hall, San Francisco, California.                SOU

(*__) 3293 DH3   Grand Canyon of the Feather River

                    On Line Western Pacific.                              SOU

(sn_) 3294 DH3   Grand Canyon of the Feather River, on line Western Pacific.

(*__)      DH3   Same                                                     SOU

(*__)      DH3   Same  ADV-Scene near Oroville--MW                        SOU

(___) 3295 UNK   Arch Rock in Grand Canyon

(*__)      DH3   Arch Rock in the Grand Canyon of the Feather River.

                   On Line Western Pacific.                               SOU

(*__)      DH3a  Same

(___) 3296 UNK   Gold Lake near Blairsden, Cal.

(*__)      DH3   The Lake Country, Reached Through Blairsden, California.

                   On Line Western Pacific.                               SOU

(*__)      DH3a  Same                                                     SOU

(*__) 3297 DH3   Gold Lake, near Blairsden, California.                   SOU

                   On Line Western Pacific.

(___) 3298 UNK   Grand Canyon of the Feather River, on line Western Pacific,

                   Belden. Calif.

(*__)      DH3   Belden, California, Grand Canyon of the Feather River

                   On Line Western Pacific.        SCAN div\div3298.jpg   SOU

(*__)      DH3   Same  ADV-Belden--MW                                     SOU

(*__) 3299 DH3   Through the mountains in the

                    Grand Canyon of the Feather River On Line Western Pacific

                                          SCAN div\div3299.jpg SOU X2 WH-ltrs

(*__) 3300 DH3   Pilot Mountain, near Pilot, Nevada.

                    On Line Western Pacific.                              SOU

(*__) 3301 DH3   Salt Beds, near Salduro, Utah. On Line Western Pacific.

                   Salt is from 2 to 20 feet deep and   98 per cent pure  SOU

(*__) 3302 DH3   Great Northern Depot, Spokane, Washington.           WH-ltrs

(*__)      DH3   Tobin, California. Grand Canyon of the Feather River

                   On Line Western pacific.                               SOU

(sn_)      S5B   Same                                                     EHM


NOTE: Numbers jump here to 3361 for Divided backs


      --- SEE the S1-S5/ROD listing for these numbers.


(___) 3361 DV2   Lumbering in the Big Tree Grove, Near Santa Cruz, Cal.   OVP

(*__) 3362 DV2   Giant Redwoods, Big Basin, California Redwood Park

(*__) 3363 DV2   Drive Among the Redwoods California Redwood Park     BK-ltrs

(*__) 3364 DV2   On the Road to the Big Basin California Redwood Park BK-ltrs

(*__) 3365 DV2   Trout Stream, Big Basin, California.                 BK-ltrs

(___) 3366 DV2   General Grant, Big Tree Grove near Santa Cruz, Cal.

(___) 3811 DH1   University Ave, Palo Alto, Calif.

(sn_) 4019 S3A   California State Building Tower at the

                    Pan. Pac. Int. Expo. San Francisco, Cal.

(sn_) 4043 DH2   Japanese Tea Garden, Breakwater,

                    Pacific Grove, California           SCAN div\div4043.jpg 

(*__) 4197 S3B   Senorita Bonifacio and the Sherman Rose Monterey, Cal.  B/W

(*__) 4198 S3B   Senorita Bonifacio in the Sherman Rose Tea Garden,

                    Monterey, Cal.                                       B/W

(sn_) 4537 S1A   New Hollywood Theater, Hollywood, Calif.                CAL

(sn_) 5019 DH1   View on Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada. SCAN div\div5019.jpg

(___) 6944 DH3   A California Canyon (Silver Overlay)               SAS-3198


(*__) 7059 DH3   Lighthouse on Pacific                                   OVP

(___) 7061 R&D   A Placid Scene, California.

(*__) 7064 T3    Grain Warehouse, California.                       SAS-1562

(*__) 7077 DV2   Log Chute, California                              OVP-2284


(*__) 7623 HSF   Lounging Room and Office, Hotel St Francis,

                    San Francisco, Cal.

(*__) 7624 HSF   Cafe, Hotel St Francis,

                    San Francisco, Cal.                 SCAN hsf\hsf7624.jpg

(*__) 7626 HSF   Tapestry Room, Hotel St Francis, San Francisco, Cal.

(TB_) 7627 HSF   Fireworks in Union Square, Hotel St. Francis,

                     San Francisco, Cal.                SCAN hsf\hsf7627.jpg

(sn_) 7632 S1C   Wold Creek Loop, Oregon. Shasta Route, So. Pac. R. R.

(sn_) 7637 S1C   Cave Rock.--The Lady of the Lake

                     Overlooking Lake Tahoe. HAP

(sn_) 7646 S1C   Tahoe Tavern Among the Pines.

(sn_) 7764 S1C   Yosemite Valley from Artist Point, California.


(sn_) 26537 DH3c Cadillac Hotel, San Francisco,

                   Corner Eddy and Leavenworth                    

                   Sts. THE HOUSE OF WELCOME                       SOU MWOF

(*__) 26538 DH3c Hotel Manhattan, San Francisco, Cal. Corner Eddy and         

                   Taylor Sts.                                 SOU NOB MWOF



NOTE: No further high numbers in divided backs have been found!

      END  END


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