Knott's Berry Farm Checklist

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Publisher: H S Crocker

Number Words Photo Misc Info
BG-8 Pamoramic Waterfall vt
Number Words Photo Misc Info
GC-02 Gypsy Camp CONT KR-1 /C12731 Statue Symbolizes the Pioneering Prospector KR-12/C12927 Calico Mine Co. Engine and train depot entrance KR-15/SC7521 Tony Kemeny, the man behind the captivating puppets--MW KR-50/C21055 Calico Square KBF-1 KBF-2 KBF-3 Indian dancers vt KBF-4 Mrs Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant Photo KBF-5 KBF-6 Ghost Town Street KBF-7 The Ghost Town amd Calico Railroad Photo KBF-8 KBF-9 KBF-10 KBF-11 Mourners at Boot Hill KBF-12 The Little Red School House-Buena Park,Yermo, Ca. vt KBF-13 Aunt Nellie Photo KBF-14 Wedding Party at office of Judge Roy Bean - pub: HSC KBF-15 KBF-16 General Merchandise Store Photo KBF-17 KBF-18 KBF-19 KBF-20 Stage Coach Photo KBF-21 Bottle House and Music Hall KBF-22 KBF-23 KBF-24 Handsome Brady and Whiskey Bill - pub:HSC Photo KBF-25 The Calico Saloon Photo color KBF-26 KBF-27 Commissary - Maggie Mining Co. - Buena Park, Yermo, Ca. KBF-28 Bottle House - Calico Ghost Town - Buena Park, Yermo, Ca. PHOTO vt KBF-29 KBF-30 The Little Chapel by the lake Photo color KBF-31 KBF-32 "Main Street" Ghost Town, Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, Calif. KBF-33 KBF-34 KBF-35 Sun Setting on Ghost Twon Inhabitants KBF-36 The Stage Stops for the Gold Shipment KBF-38 KBF-39 The Prospectors Rest at the old Arastra KBF-40 The Sheriff and a Prospector discuss world Affairs KBF-41 KBF-42 "Old Betsy" an ancient mine engine Photo KBF-43 The cowboy naps while the Blacksmith shoe's his horse Photo KBF-44 KBF-45 Chief Red Feather vt KBF-46 Portion of Main Street-Looking along School House row KBF-47 Knott's Berry Farm and Ghost Town KBF-48 The Wagon Camp KBF-49 KBF-50 Mr&Mrs Knotts in front of Old Berry Stand Photo KBF-50-A Mr&Mrs Knotts in front of Old Berry Stand Photo KBF-51 KBF-52 Town Clock, Long Beach KBF-53 KBF-54 The Old Prospector accompanied by his faithful bird Photo KR-1 Calico Square CONT KR-12 Calico Mine Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, Calif, MWOB KR-03 Ghost Town KR-53 Main Street in Ghost Town CONT KR-54 Little Red School house CONT
Publisher: Lithochrome, Los Angeles
Number Words Photo Misc Info
None Sayings around Ghost Town - pub:HSC -cy:1946 B/W drawing None "Pitcher" Gallery, Ghost Town -cy:1946 B/W drawing None By the Village Pump, Ghost Town -cy:1946 B/W drawing None Ghost Town Street -cy1946 color drawing L1 L2 Covered Wagon Diorama, Ghost Town L3 The Wagon camp in Ghostr Town Photo L4 L5 L6 Saturday night in Calko 1888 L7 L8 L9 L10 General Merchandise Store SC572 Sad Eye Joe, Ghost Town vt None Volcano, Ghost Town -cy:1946 vt drawing None The Gold Mine in Ghost Town -
Private Edition Photo color
Publisher: Paintings
by: Leo F. McCarty of American Folklore Gunfighters
Jo-Jean Keller has helped with this listing In Calico Ghost Town
Number Words Photo Misc Info
C1 Jessie James C2 The Youngers C3 Wyatt Earp C4 29170-B Doc Holliday vt C5 29161-B Bat Masterson vt C6 Luke Short C7 29162-B Ben Thompson vt C8 29163-B Wild Bill Hickok vt C9 29172-B Clay Allison vt C10 29173-B John Westley Hardin vt C11 Billy the Lid C12 29164-B Pat Garrett vt C13 29175-B John Ringo vt C14 Old Man Clayton C15 Pauline Cushman C16 UNK C17 29166-B A. M. King vt C18 Jim Chisholm C19 29179-B Jesse Chisholm vt C20 UNK C21 Curly Bill Brocus C22 29128-B Burial of Billy The Kid vt C23 UNK C24 UNK C25 UNK C26 UNK C27 UNK C28 UNK C29 29180-B Shanghai Pierce vt
Publisher: Plastichrome by Colourpicture, Boston
Distr. by Mitcock & Sons, Sherman Oaks, Ca.
Number Words Photo Misc Info
P11707 Knott's Berry Farm - showing old time Locomotive train P24798 Famous Covered Wagon Camp where old west is brought back P24799 Authentic Gold Mine with it's waterwheel, old hammer drill and sluice box in early California P75367 A Steamboat Ride Around the Lagoon P75375 Calico Mine Tour P75378 Sad-Eye Joe, Ghost Town
Publisher: Dexter Press
Number Words Photo Misc Info
None Folder of tear out postcards, FV-2 DT65437-C Fiesta Village Plaza CONT D77248-C Calico Saloon show time DT8478-C Greetings from Ghost Town GT-1 DT10203-C Judge Roy Beam Saloon GT-06 DT96705-C Mystery Mountain CONT GT-10 DT7248-C Calico Saloon Show Time CONT GT-15 DT7240-C Goldies Place GT-16 DT7241-C Sheriff's Office GT-35 DT9359-C Original Berry stand CONT GT-47 DT8479-C Old Betsy CONT GT-54 30062-B Old Prospector CONT
Original lithograph
Copyright 1946 Paul v. Klieben

Number Words Photo Misc Info
None Covered Wagon Diorama, Ghost Town None The Gold Mine in Ghost Town None Gaurdian of Ghost Town -B/W- None Grave on Main Street, Ghost Town -B/W-
Number Words Photo Misc Info
None (6 tear out cards in group) KR-1,3,5,8,9,Sc10090 None (6 tear out cards in group) KR-14,C24434,C12927,SC9597,C12777 None Calico Mine, Knott's Berry Farm None 5EK-488 Commemorative Monument - Yermo Ca. pub:HSC C12778 Old 41 - Pulling load of passengers on his daily run C12912 The Years prior to the 20th Century--MW
C12917 Calico Mine - Knott's Berry Farm Buena Park C12922 Calico Mine - Knott's Berry Farm Buena Park LAF482 Gypsy Camp (folder of view) CONT W20 6C-K1729 Adobe Ruins W21 6C-K1730 Cable Cars, Ghost Town W22 6C-K1731 The Church of Reflections vt W23 6C-K1732 The Burro Train W24 W25 6C-K1734 The Medicine Show W26 6C-K1738 The Seal Pool - Old McDonald's Farm W27 W28 6C-K444 Main Street - Ghost Town W29 W30 6C-K2009 Goldie's Place W31 W36 used The Calico Saloon Bar vt W46 used Calico Mine W52 4D-K500 Gold Mine Entrance W53 4D-K501 Dry Gulch Pack Train Publisher: REAL PHOTO's Number Words Photo Misc Info 1 "Down by the Old Mill Stream" -
A lovely spot in the Gardens At vt 4 Old Stage Coach 9 Street Scene in Ghost Town, Knott's Berry PLACE 15 Only Active Volcano in Southern Ca. 22 Ghost Town - Blacksmith Shop 23 Boysenberry Field (KBF) Buena Park, Ca. 28 "Gold Dust Goldies Hotel" A Bit of the Old West at 37 Visiting Hours at Our Ghost Town Jail 39 Ghost Town Barber Shop at 46 Knott's Berry Place None Knott's Berry Farm-Ghost Town, Calif.
(Municipal Railway of San Francisco) Photo hz B/W Pmkd1956 None Ghost Town at Photo vt B/W None General Merchandise Photo hz B/W pmkd1956
Calico Ghost Town - YERMO, CA. Publisher: Columbia Wholesale Supply, 11401 Chandler, North Hollywood Ca.
Number Words Photo Misc Info
H800 590009 Calico Ghost Town H1334 55320 Calico Print Shop H1340 55320 Calico House Kitchen H1346 55323 Lane's General Store H1347 55324 Museum
H2379 23809 Famous Bottle House H2382 23804 School House in Calico Ghost Town--MW H3291 63840 Calico Leather Shop H3297 63846 Calico Main Street H3298 63847 Calico Bottle House vt
Publisher: Knott's Berry Farm,
Ghost Town, Calif.
Number Words n/readable Main Street Ghost Town Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, California 6C-K944 MWOB

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