Next Zoom Meeting Presentation is Wednesday May 11.  For more information on how to participate in this Zoom meeting, please contact [email protected]

May 11 th Zoom  & Live Meeting Presentation

President Shav La Vigne will update us on activities of our club.

Jim Giacomazzi who will be telling us about a little known mission carried out by the U.S. Army in Siberia at the end of World War ll. Jim will be presenting at our first "hybrid" live/Zoom meeting at the Pearl Ave Branch Library on May 11, 2022.

San Jose Postcard Club Monthly Meeting

IN-PERSON Meetings Are Starting again !!

Our club typically meets on the second Wednesday of the month from September through June at 7 pm.

We will start holding Hybrid meetings, both Live and via Zoom. The live meeting will be at the Pearl Avenue Branch Library

If you want to continue or start to participate in upcoming Zoom online meetings, please contact [email protected]

We encourage members and others to present talks on their collection specialty or any general topic related to postcards. We also have educational, informative talks given by seasoned and experienced people. There is much to be shared and learned!

Please stay tuned for our future club auction and holiday party events, as they are currently postponed due to COVID-19.

Other related events

April 22 - 24

June 4

WESTTEX Stamp Show will have a good representation of postcards available

Hal Lutsky's Vintage paper fair will be holding a June 4th Anti Inflation Sale! check it out at [email protected].