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CREDITS: Walt has been collecting these Wonderful cards for many years. Please Enjoy!

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Bob Petley 2 of 2 Check list of Postcards
This is Walt's Check List of the Current Known "PETLEY" Postcards

INFO: (**) denotes a new addition/correction, (Will delete on next update)
(___) used for record keeping (CONT)=Continental Postcard

      Number  PMKD/C:   Pub     B/W a/c Words on card
NOTE: ** Some Black and White Petley's have been found in the 1-12 number group with rounded corners!
(___) C-1161  None      Petley           Salt River Crossing, Arizona
(___) C-1171  None      Petley           Petrified Log, Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona
(___) C10311  None      Petley           Petrified Loggs, Petrified Forest, Arizona
(___) C10777  None      Petley           Old Town Wickenburg, Arizona MWOB
(___) C10821  None      Petley Studio ** San Francisco Peaks, Northern Arizona
(___) C10825  None      Petley Studio ** Sunset Crater National Monument
(___) C10854  None      Petley           Rug Weaving
(___) C13001  None      Petley           Mitten Butte--Monument valley, Navajo Tribal Park--MW
(___) C-14088 None      Petley           Tending Navajo Sheep, Monument Valley, Arizona--MW
(___) C14153  None      Petley           The Desert Road Runner--MW
(___) C16180  None      Petley           Tucson University of Arizona
(___) C17785  None      Petley           Colorful PAINTED DESERT and PETRIFIED FOREST Arizona, Palett-type
(___) C17821  None      Petley           Colorful Grand Canyon Arizona Pallette-type
(___) C-18416 None      Petley           Monument Valley, Arizona--MW
(___) C-21302 None      Petley           Navajo Rug Weaver--MW
(___) C-21305 None      Petley           Navajo Indians and their Hogan--MW
(___) C-21307 None      Petley           Muuonument Valley--MW
(___) C-21309 None      Petley           Monument Valley--MW
(___) C-21315 None      Petley           Monument Valley A Navajo girl--MW
(___) C-21318 None      Petley           Monument Valley--MW
(___) C-22067 None      Petley           Monument Valley--MW
(___) C-2477  None      Petley           Desert Verbenas on the San Dunes
(___) C22729  None      Petley           Love and Lunch (child with mule)
(___) C23433  None      Petley Studio    Interior of the Nevada wing of Hoover Dam--MW (Tearout)
(___) C23630  None      Petley           Oak Creek Canyon--MW
(___) C23702  None      Petley           Phoenix, Arizona
(___) C2519   None      Petley           Horse Tail Dance of the Taos Publo Indian Tribe
(___) C25266  None      Petley           Apache--MW
(___) C25271  None      Petley           Wikiup--MW
(___) C2752   None      Petley Studio ** Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (Mike Roberts)
(___) C28281  None      Petley           Blacksmith Shop at Rawhide--MW
(___) C28282  None      Petley           The Stage pull into Rawhide after its regular--MW
(___) C28283  None      Petley           The Wagon Train encamps at Rawhide, Arizona--MW
(___) C2896   None      Petley           Navajo Mother with baby
(___) C2964   None      Petley           Big Balanced Rock--MW
(___) C4430   None      Petley           Phoenix Public Library, Phoenix, Arizona
(___) C453/9ED-27 None  Petley           Albuquerque, New Mexico Balloon Capital of the world
(___) C462    None      Petley           Clown dance of the Indian Tribe
(___) C4959   None      Petley           Famous Oak Creek canyon Switchback Road--MW
(___) C4967   None      Petley           Calle Campiloo, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW T-106
(___) C4970   None      Petley           Queen Creek Tunnel on U S Hwys 60 & 70--MW
(___) C6659   None      Petley           Nogales, Sonora's Main shipping district Avenida Obregon
(___) C6675   None      Petley           View of City of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW
(___) C6664   None      Petley           Gila Monster
(___) C720    None      Petley Studio    Arizona Date Garden (Mike Roberts)
(___) C7947   None      Petley           Entrance, U.S. Army Electronic Proving Grounds, Fort Hauchuca--MW
(___) C9355   None      Petley           Glen Canyon Damsite Arizona
(___) C954    None      Petley Studio ** Navajo Rug Weavers
(___) C955    None      Petley           Indian Silversmiths
(___) C-955   None      Petley           Indian Silversmiths
(___) C-983   None      Petley           Navajo Indians and their Hogan--MW
(___) C983    None      Petley           Navajo Indians and their Hogan
(___) C-996   None      Petley           SH-H-H-H Don't Tell TH ENEMY! -- MW
(___) CC24906 None      Petley           Monument Valley--MW (CONT)
(___) CC-91-A None      Petley           Sundown in the great West Country (CONT)
(___) CD-4C   None      Petley           Grand Canyon caverns--MW (CONT)
(___) CD-7C   None      Petley           Herding sheep on the Canyon Floor with the famous totem pole rock formation in the distance--MW (CONT)
(___) CE-5-C  None      Petley           Grand Canyon Caverns
(___) XOL-305-A None    Petley Studio    Narrow Gauge Passenger Train
(___) CP-2    None      Petley           Chili Peppers--MW (CONT)
(___) D       None      Petley           Every man in his lifetime is entitled to one good dog and one good woman...
(___) D-15529 None      Petley Studio    Twilight on the Desert (CONT)
(___) D-16539 None      Petley           Wildflowers and Snow-MW (CONT)
(___) D-16585 None      Petley           Spanish Bayonet (MWOB) (CONT)
(___) D-16595 None      Petley Studio    Warty Hedgehog Cactus--MW (CONT)
(___) D-17002 None      Petley Studio    Palm Springs at Twilight (CONT)
(___) D-18725 None      Petley           Spanish Bayonet (Curteich) (CONT)
(___) D-8303  None      Petley           Autumn in the Colorado Rockies--MW
(___) DR-29214-B None   Petley           Indian Chief
(___) DR-29230-B None   Petley Studio    Delicate Magenta Beaver Tail --ME (CONT)
(___) DR=38596-D None   Petley           Beautiful Havasu Falls Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (CONT)
(___) DR-86716-B None   Petley           Apache Harvest, Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona
(___) DR-86717-B None   Petley           Navajo Sand Painter--MW
(___) DR-97299-B None   Petley Studio    Nagenta beaver tail Cactus (CONT)
(___) DT-2    None      Petley           Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico--MWOB
(___) D017054 None      Petley           Male and Female Date Blossom--MW (CONT)
(___) E       None 1956 Petley           A woman is as old as she looks... but a man ain't old until he stops lookin'!
(___) E-513   None      Petley           - Oh th wide open spaces thatuh love - DON'T FENCE ME IN!
(___) E-563   None      Petley           BOY! WHAT A STRUCTURE (More words on front)
(___) EP-122  None      Petley           University of Texas, El Paso, Texas
(___) F       None      Petley           Why de disagreeable...with a little effort you could be a real stinker!
(___) G515    None      Petley           Palomino Stallion (jumbo)
(___) G518    None      Petley           Palomino Stallion with Silver Mounted Saddle and Bridle (jumbo)
(___) G519    None      Petley           Black Stallion (jumbo)
(___) G519    None      Petley           Battle of the Stallions  (jumbo)
(___) G548    None      Petley           Mesa Verde National Park
(___) G569    None      Petley           Valley of the Monuments
(___) G626    None      Petley           Gateway to Monument Valley
(___) GAG-9   None      Petley           How does a Woman Ever Live To Be 100 When She Stays In Her 30's So Long?
              -----  See More GAG card listing  -----
(___) H       None      Petley           There are more old drunks than old doctors...let that be a lesson to you...
(___) HSC-259 None      Petley           Howdy from EL PASO TEXAS The Lone Star State
(___) IND-8   None      Petley           Medicine Man --See P29556
(___) ICS 107127 None   Petley Studio    Painted Desert Inn, Navajo, Arizona
(___) J       None      Petley           Don't take life too'll never get out of it alive anyway...
(___) J-55    None      Petley           Smoke Trees in a Desert Wash--MW
(___) K       None      Petley           "Dearie, When are you going to give me my second lesson?
(___) K-8     None      Petley           Hopi Village - Hotelville Village--stop the Hopi Mesa--MW
(___) K-12    None      Petley           Boulder Dam
(___) K-13    None      Petley           Kit Carson Cave ner Gallup, New Mexico, North of Highway U S 66.
(___) K-13    None      Petley           South of the Border from Nogales, Arizona--MW
(___) K-14    None      Petley           Desert Roadway
(___) K-17    None      Petley           Superstition Mountain, Mesa, Arizona--MW
(___) K-20    None      Petley           A Desert Sunset
(___) K-23    None 1964 Petley Studio ** Approaching Prescott, Arizona
(___) K-24    None      Petley           Petrified Forest of Arizona
(___) K-23A   None      Petley           Desert Roadway
(___) K-33A   None      Petley           Verde River and Four Peaks - A few miles northeast of Sctottsdale, Arizona - S8086
(___) K-34A-CA None     Petley           Prickly Pear Cactus--MW (CONT)
(___) K-35    None      Petley           Hedgehog Cactus
(___) K-38    None      Petley           Salt River Canyon
(___) K-4     None      Petley           Grand Canyon--South Rim--MW
(___) K-43    None      Petley           Oak Creek Falls
(___) K-44    None      Petley           Navajoland--MW
(___) K-46    None      Petley           Castle Rock
(___) K-49A   None      Petley           Giant Saguaro in bloom
(___) K-51A   None      Petley           Octilla
(___) K51     None      Petley Studio ** Octilla
(___) K-53    None      Petley           Navajo Rug Weavers
(___) K-59    None      Petley           Desert Yucca in bloom
(___) K-6     None      Petley           Saquaro Forest--National Monument--MW
(___) K-60    None      Petley           Joshua tree on the Desert
(___) K-62    None      Petley           WOB - It's Just and old Texas Custom--MW
(___) K-65    None      Petley           Havasu Falls
(sn_) K-68    None      Petley        ** Navajo Mother and Child  (Ray Manley)
(___) K-68    None      Petley           Howdy from a Little Stinker
(___) K-68A   None      Petley Studio    Picacho Peak (CONT)
(___) K-73    None      Petley           Navajo Indian Boy
(___) K-76    None      Petley           Benedictine Sanctuary of Perpetual Adoration, Tucson, Arizona
(___) K-83    None      Petley           Navajo Woman and Daughter ride--MW (Other S-1200-16)
(___) K-87    None      Petley           Chili Peppers--MW  5428
(___) K-87    None      Petley           Montezuma Castle--MW, Prescott Arizona (other 10074)
(___) K-89    None      Petley           Desert Palms and the Giant Saguaro Cactus
(___) K-90    None      Petley           St.Philip's in the Hills, TUCSON
(___) K-92-AP-C None    Petley Studio    April in the Valley of the sun (CONT)
(___) K-93    None      Petley           Desert Verbena and desert sun flowers--MW (Other 34603)
(___) K-98    None      Petley           Tuzigoot Ruins, Arizona
(___) K-99    None      Petley           Desert Verbenas on the Sand Dunes
(___) K-105A  None      Petley           Navajo Bridge, Northern Arizona
(___) K-108   None      Petley           Hassayampa Well, Wickensburg, Arizona
(___) K-115   None      Petley           Navajo Women
(___) K-120   None      Petley           The Castle on a Cliff - Prescott Arizona--MW
(___) K-121   None      Petley Studio ** Roadway through the Saguaros
(___) K-122   None      Petley           Sunset at the Grand Canyon from Yaki Point, Arizona
(___) K-130   None      Petley           Navajo Indian and his pony
(___) K-132   None      Petley           Western Campfire Wild Horse Guest Ranch covered wagon, Tucson, Az
(___) K-135   None      Petley           Navajo Lass and her Burro
(___) K-136A  None      Petley           Navajo Indians--MW
(___) K-138   None      Petley        ** Old Tucson--MW
(___) K-140   None      Petley           Indian War Dancer
(___) K-148   None      Petley           Central Avenue at Washington Streets, Phoenix, Arizona
(___) K-149   None      Petley           Balanced Rock--MW
(___) K-152   None      Petley           Old Adobe Church, Part of the replica of Old TUCSON--MW
(___) K-156   None      Petley           White Sands, New Mexico--MW
(___) K-166   None      Petley Studio    Saguaro Cactus Flower (CONT)
(___) K-168   None      Petley           Indian War Dancers
(___) K-177   None      Petley           Hopi Kachina Doll
(___) K-179   None      Petley           The Old Dowlin Mill at Ruidoso, New Mexico--MW
(___) K-181   None      Petley           Jerome, Arizona
(___) K-183   None      Petley           Under the light of the Western Moon
(___) K-186   None      Petley           Navajo Sand Painters-(words on front)--MWOB
(___) K-186   None      Petley           Navajo Sand Painters-(no words on front)--MWOB
(___) K-197-A None      Petley           Rugged Snow-capped Mountain
(___) K-203   None      Petley           Petrified log cross section and chips--MW (Other #S-1182-6)
(___) K-204   None      Petley           Sioux War Dancers
(___) K-211   None      Petley           Prospector and his Burro--MW (sitting with gun and Burro)
(___) K-215   None      Petley           The Tombstone Epitaph Tombstone, Arizona
(___) K-218   None      Petley           Welcome to Tombstone and Boothill Graveyard--MW, Arizona
(___) K-224-A None      Petley Studio  * Superstition Mountain 24150
(___) K-225   None      Petley           Oldest House in U. S. A., Santa Fe, New Mexico
(___) K-251   None      Petley           Tonto Cliff Dwelling (Arizona)
(___) K-276   None      Petley           Smoke trees on the desert--MW
(___) K-294   None      Petley           Famous Dinosaur Rock is the City of Rocks between Deming and Silver City, NM.
(___) K-321   None      Petley           Gateway to Monument Valley Northern Arizona
(___) K-323   None      Petley           Horned Toads
(___) K-327   None      Petley           Wupatki Indian Ruins
(sn-) K-331   None      Petley Studio ** Arizona's Painted Desert
(___) K-338   None      Petley           The Lulu Belle, Scottsdale,Arizona
(___) K-340   None      petley           Superstition Mountain--MW
(___) K-341   None      Petley           Cacti and Desert Flora of the great Southwest
(___) K-341-C None      Petley           Cacti and Desert Flora of the Great Southwest (CONT)
(___) K-342   None      Petley           Journey's End--MW
(___) K-346   None      Petley           MARIA, the Pottery Maker--MW, NM.
(___) K-348A  None      Petley Studio    Ocotillo (CONT)
(___) K354    None      Petley           Rancho De Toas Church near Taos. New Mexico
(___) K357    None      Petley           El Rito Canyon--MW (NM)
(___) K358    None      Petley           Radium Springs Dam, New Mexico
(___) K383    None      Petley           Indian Warrior (Color Card)
(___) K-428A  None      Petley           HOT MEALS at all hours
(___) K-449   None      Petley           High in the Superstition Mountains, East of Mesa--MW
(___) K-456   None      Petley           Navajo Sand Painting--MW 12230
(___) K-459   None      Petley           Navajo family at the entrance of their hogan (NM) 12226
(___) K-460   None      Petley           Indian Dancers--MW 12222
(___) K-461   None      Petley           Indian Eagle Dancer--MW
(___) K-461   None      Petley           Navajo Eagle Dancer--MW 12235
(___) K-475   None      Petley           The land Without beginning or end
(___) K-476   None      Petley           White stallion King of the Herd
(___) K-490   None      Petley           Dance Team at the Gallup, NM.
(___) K-504   None      Petley           Queen Vitoria--MW
(___) K-507   None      Petley           Oleanders on the desert--MW
(___) K-517   None      Petley           The Famous Jail Trail in the heart of Wickenburg, Arizona  S331-3
(___) K-518   None      Petley           Wickenburg, Arizona--MW S3310
(___) K-674   None      Petley           Devil's Finger Cactus
(___) K-999   None      Petley           Wild life in Southwestern Desert
(___) K-1001  None      Petley           Arizona Sonora Desert Musueum, Tucson, Arizona
(___) K-1001  None      Petley           Same - Added on back-The Watershed Exposition cancel-Save Me
(___) K-1111  None      Petley           Tucumcari Mountain, Tucumcari, NM.
(___) K-1941  None      Petley           Arizona cactus Wren and Saguaro Blossoms
(___) KVB10711 None     Petley Studio    Petrified Forest National Park Northern Arizona (CONT)
(___) KVB11577 None     Petley           London Bridge Lake Havasu, Arizona
(___) KVB89781 None     Petley Studio    Interior, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, Arizona.
(___) L-96    None      Petley           In desert Botanical Garden--MW
(___) L-179   None      Petley           The old Dowlin Mill
(___) L-360   None      Petley           The Famous Wishing Well, Wickenburg, Arizona--MW 1C-K155
(___) LA-103  None      Petley           The Atomic City, Los Alamos, New Mexico
(___) LA-105  None      Petley           Los Alamos County Courthouse, Los Alamos, New Mexico
(___) M       None 1956 Petley           It's that time of year...
(___) MC-1    none      Petley           World's Greatest Meteor Crater, Arizona
(___) N                                  Unknown
(___) NM-100  None      Petley           Acoma Water Hole--MW
(___) NM-201  None      Petley           U S Highway 66 -- Interstate 40 through scenic New Mexico
(___) NM-211-C None     Petley           Tucumcari Mountains--MW (CONT)
(___) O-25    None      Petley Studio    The Flaming Blossoms--MW (CONT)
(___) None    None      Petley           Wild Life in Southwest Desert
(___) P-109   None      Petley           Taos Pueblo--MW
(___) P-122   None      Petley           Taos Creek in Texas Pueblo
(___) P-220   None      Petley           Pure Bred Indian Gelding, Scottsdale, Arizona--MW
(___) P-27    None      Petley           Navajo Sheep Herd
(___) P-345   None      Petley Studio    Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, Albuquerque, New Mexico
(___) P-59-C  None      Petley           Chili Peppers--MW
(___) P-8     None      Petley           Petrified Wood Petrified Forest National Park Northern Arizona
(___) P-57-C  None      Petley           Oak Creek Canyon--MW (CONT)
(___) P-77-C  None      Petley           Jerome, Arizona (CONT)
(___) P0803-C None      Petley           Desert Yucca (CONT)
(___) P-101   None      Petley           American Indian Symbols
(___) P107    None      Petley           Taos Pueblo--MW
(___) P109    None      Petley           Taos Pueblo--MW
(sn_) P110    None      Petley Studio ** Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico -- MWOB
(sn_) P15008  None      Petley Studio ** Santa Rosa, N.M. on U. S. 66
(___) P1650   None      Petley           Pueblo Idnian Drummer
(___) P20960  None      Petley           Lester Moore Grave Boothill Graveyard Tombstone, Arizona
(___) P20961  Noen      Petley Studio    Main Street, Safford, Arizona
(___) P20971  None      Petley           Bisbee, Arizona
(___) P-221-C None      Petley Studio    Spring comes to the Desert (CONT)
(___) P27206  None      Petley           Hoover (Boulder) Dam -- Arizona -- Nevada
(___) P28611  None      Petley Studio    Montezuma Castle--MW NM.
(sn-) P29497  None      Petley Studio ** Spectacular and Colorful Red Rock formations as seen from U. S. 66 --MW
(sn-) P29498  None      Petley Studio ** Gigantic and typically colorful formations adjacent to U. S. 66 --MW
(___) P29555  None      Petley           A Five Year old Hopi Boy "Smiles" for the Camera
(___) P300195 None      Petley Studio ** Montezuma Castle National Monument--MW
(___) P-301   None      Petley           Sunset in Navajo Land
(sn_) P=311   None      Petley Studio ** Greetings from 4 Corners
(___) P302030 None      Petley Studio    Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona (CONT)
(___) P310142 None      Petley           Majestic Snow covered Sandia Mountain Range--MW (CONT)
(___) P32527  None      Petley           Saquaro's Attain many fantastic shapes during their long reign of life -TUS11
(___) P-321   None      Petley           Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, Albuquerque, NM.
(___) P-331   None      Petley Studio    Sedona, Arizona (CONT)
(___) P-334   None      Petley           White Sands Missile Range, Alamogordo, New Mexico
(___) P32668  None      Petley           Taos Indians dance team at the Gallup Intertribal Cermonial (NM)
(___) P32669  None      Petley           Aztec Indian Dance group--MW
(___) P408825 None      Petley Studio    Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi Santa Fe, New Mexico
(___) P63427  None      Petley Studio   Flagstaff Arizona
(___) P36289  None      Petley           The Tombstone Epitaph, Tombstone, Arizona--MW
(___) P36561  None      Petley           The White Sands of the White Sands National Monument--MW (chrome)
(___) P36563  None      Petley           Navajo Indian Life--MW
(___) P-367   None      Petley           La Placita Patio Market--MW, Old Albuquerque, New Mexico
(___) P379-C  None      Petley Studio    Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, Albuquerque, New Mexico. (CONT)
(___) P38055  None      Petley           Strawberry Cactus--MW
(___) P38613  None      Petley           Rainbow over Painted Desert, Northern Arizona--MW, flagg logo on back
(___) P40046  None      Petley           Park Central Shopping City North Central near Thomas Road
(___) P41068  None      Petley           Mule Pass Tunnel, Bisbee, Arizona
(___) P41547  None      Petley           The beautiful Palisades of Cimmarron Canyon, NM.--MW
(___) P45     None      Petley           Howdy from Dateland, Arizona - Just another Poor old jackass with more than he can support!
(___) P47684  None      Petley Studio    Doug;as, Arizona, Busy Hub--MW
(___) P47689  None      Petley           The Original Cochise County Courthouse, Tombstone, Arizona
(___) P47691  None      Petley           Westward Ho Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona
(___) P47699  None      Petley           State Capitol Building Phoenix, Arizona
(___) P59712  None      Petley           The Painted Desert, Northern Arizona--MW
(___) P59715  None      Petley           Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona
(___) P59724  None      Petley           Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona--MW
(___) P60590  None      Petley           Skiing at Santa Fe Basin, Santa Fe, NM.
(___) P63459  None      Petley           Downtown Albuquerque, N.M. looking West on Central Ave.
(sn-) P63460  None 1974 Petley Studio ** Scenic Tijera Canyon and Famous Hwy. 66--MW
(___) P63556  None      Petley           Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, Page, Arizona--MW
(___) P64192  None      Petley           Benit Jaurez Monument, Ciudad Jauerez, Chih, Mexico--MW
(___) P69135  None      Petley           Old Ore Wagon used by the Mines in the late 1800's, Tombstone, Arizona
(___) P75222  None      Petley           Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Coolidge, Arizona
(___) P75226  None      Petley           Artist Paul Coze's conception of the Hohokam Indiand Village life Circa A.D.1300--MW
(___) P78724  None      Petley           Petrified Forest National Monument, Arizona
(___) P78730  None      Petley           Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona--MW (CONT)
(___) P86423  None      Petley Studio    Palm Springs, California (CONT)
(___) P87550  None      Petley Studio ** Kingman, Arizona, Fast Growing City on Route 66 in Northweest Arizona
(___) P87881  None      Petley           Jerome (Ghost Town), Arizona--MW (CONT)
(___) P89221  Noen      Petley Studio    This beautiful setting for the Mountain Station Restaurant--MW (CONR-AZ.)
(___) P89432  None      Petley           Graves of Frank Bowles (CONT)
(___) P97951  None      Petley Studio    Shiprock, New Mexico (CONT)
(___) PC-31   None      Petley           Oak Tree House Ruin-- Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
(___) PG-241  None      Petley           Acoma Pottery--MW (CONT)
(___) PG-270  None      Petley           Silver City, New Mexico--MW
(___) PG-802  None      Petley           I Gotta 'Kick' out of Texas (CONT)
(___) PH-1    None      Petley           Superstition Mountain--MW
(___) PH-6    None      Petley           North Central Highrise Complex Phoenix, Arizona
(___) PH-52-5 None      Petley           Navajo Women, Canyon De Chelly, Arizona--MW
(___) PH-53-5 None      Petley           White House Ruin Canyon de Chelly, Arizona
(___) PH-59-5 None      Petley Studio    Arizona StockS
(___) PH-72   None      Petley           Hopi Indian, Arizona
(___) PH-76   None      Petley           Navajo Family--MW
(___) PP-10   None      Petley           Out west with all the modern conveniences
(___) PP-15-B None      Petley           The Road Runner - Clown of the West--MW  (CONT)
(___) PP-25-C None      Petley Studio    A beautiful Sunset with the graceful Deset Yucca--MW (CONT)
(___) PSW-1723 None     Petley           Hottest Card in New Mexico (peppers) CONT
(___) PSW0012NM None    Petley           Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico
(___) PX102   None      Petley           Picking Citrus Fruit near Phoenix
(___) PX103   None      Petley           Golfing in Phoenix Arizona--MW
(___) S-1000-1 None     Petley           The Grand Canyon National Park Highway Junction with U.S. 66
                                           two miles east of Williams, Arizona
(___) S-1005  None      Petley           Showlow, Arizona--MW 33337
(___) S-1017-4 None     Petley           Tumcacori National Monument, Arizona--MW
(___) S-1110-3 None     Petley           Mission In The Sun, Tucson, Arizona--MW
(___) S-1150-1 None     Petley           Ouray, Colorado--MW
(___) S-13659-1 None    Petley           Santana of San Lldefonso Pueblo near Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico--MW
(___) S-13659-9 None    Petley           Santana of San Lldefonso Pueblo near Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico--MW
(___) S-14638-5 None    Petley           Katchina Doll Collection
(___) S-14638-6 None    Petley           Katchina Doll Collection
(___) S-14641 None      Petley           Chili drying in the Southwest
(___) S-1471-4 None     Petley           Navajo Indians--MW  See K136A
(___) S-1610-3 None     Petley           Colored Peccary or Javelin--MW
(___) S16236   None     Petley           Denver and Rio Grand Narrow Gauge Passenger Train--MW
(sn-) S1743-2  None     Petley Studio ** Window Rock Window Rock, Arizona
(___) S-1749-7 None     Petley Studio ** The incomparable Rose Room of the Lulu Belle
                                             in Scottsdale, Arizona--MW
(___) S-1652-14 None    Petley           Famous Stairway Our Lady of Light Chapel, Santa Fe, N.M.
(___) S1782-1  None     Petley           Campus of Texas Western College, El Paso, Texas
(___) S-1852-6 None     Petley           Horned Toads - MW
(___) S-17308-3 None    Petley           The Chief Diner 2127 Main Ave., Durango, Colorado--MW
(___) S17755   Nonw     Petley Studio    Rucaon Travel Lodge,
(___) S-1907-2 None     Petley           The Grand imperial Hotel, Silverton, Colorado--MW
(___) S-22018 None      Petley           Navajo Feather Dancer - ME, Gallup, NM.
(___) S-22022 None      Petley           Lefty many Goats a San Carlos Apache--MW
(___) S-22024-2 None    Petley           Navajo Women - MW
(___) S-22665 None      Petley           St. Philip's in the Hills Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona--MW
(___) S-23040-12 None   Petley Studio    Safari Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona
(___) S-23040-17 None   Petley           Safari Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona
(___) S-23342-5 None    Petley Studio    Tucson, Arizona looking south on Stone
(___) S 23342  None     Petley Studio    Same words
(___) S 29473 None      Petley Studio    RAMADA INN, Scottsdale, Arizona
(___) S-2905-4 None     Petley Studio    Grand Canyon Arizona South Rim--MW
(sn_) S-30127-9 None   Petley Studio ** Scenic Highway 66 near GRANTS, New Mexico
(sn_) S-30127-12 None   Petley Studio ** Scenic Highway 66 near GRANTS, New Mexico
(___) S-31630-2 None    Petley           Red Dog Saloon Scottsdale, Arizona
(___) S3035   None      Petley           Vigilante Justice, Virginia City, Montana
(___) S3202-3 None      Petley           Welcome to ARIZONA - The Grand Canyon State
(___) S3202   None      Petley           Same   K404
(___) S32274  None      Petley Studio ** Ramada Inn, Albuquerque, New Mexico
(___) S3307-3 None      Petley           North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona
(sn_) S3310-1 None      Petley Studio ** Wickenburg, Arizona
(___) S33534f none      Petley Studio ** Arcadioa Lodge, U. S. 66 & U. S. 93, Kingman, Arizona
(___) S3465-1 None      Petley           Cameron, Arizona--MW
(___) S3466-18 None     Petley           Land of the Navajo--MW
(___) S3962   None      Petley           Market Place in Chihuahua, Mexico--MW
(___) S-41164 None      Petley           Flagstaff, Arizona--MW
(___) S4434-1 None      Petley           Indian woman grinding corn--MW
(___) S46062-9 None     Petley           Safari Hotel Scottsdale, Arizona --MW
(___) S47371-1 None     Petley           Shalimar Inn, Gallup, New Mexico
(___) S-55627-1 None    Petley           Box Canyon Falls--MW
(___) S-56806 None      Petley           Benson, Arizona
(___) S-57121 None      Petley           Phoenix Arizona
(___) S-62011 None      Petley           Sunport Air Terminal, Albuquerque, New Mexico--MW
(___) S61021  None      Petley           Glen Canyon Bridge, Page, Arizona
(___) S-62393 None      Petley           Yuma, Arizona--MW
(___) S6515   None      Petley           Continental Divide on U S Highway 66 in Northern New Mexico--MW
(___) S7129L12-1 None   Petley           Hiway House--MW, Phoenix, Arizona
(___) S7129L2 None      Petley           Hiwayhouse, 3148 E Van Buren, Phoenix, Arizona
(___) S-7501-3 None     Petley           Chandler Arizona he Fire Star City
(___) S-84045-1 None    Petley           Superstition Ho Apache Junction, Arizona--MW
(___) SA-1    None      Petley Studio    Spring in the heart of desertland (CONT)
(DR_) SF-3    None      Petley Studio    Miraculous Stairway Chapel of Loretto, Santa Fe, New Mexico
(___) SF-5    None      Petley           Prayer Room in Sauntuary of Chimayo, Chimayo, New Mexicao--MW
(___) SF-9    None      Petley           Church in the Indian village of Picuris near Santa Fe, New Mexico
(___) SF-13   None      Petley           Rio Grande High Bridge--MW
(___) T-25    None      Petley           Underground Tunnel - Desert Museum--MW
(___) T-107   None 1963 Petley Studio ** Palo Verde trees on the Desert
(___) T-112   None      Petley           Nogales, Arizona and the International Fence--MW  C6674
(___) T-114   None      Petley           Family Group of Saguaros--MW
(___) T-105   None      Petley           Road in Saguaro Forest
(___) T-434   None      Petley           "The Fence" which serves at the International Boundry --MW  9610
(___) TUS-11  None      Petley           Saquaro's attain many fantastic shapes--MW  P32527
(___) WN-1    C:1956    Petley           Western Saturday Night (CONT)
(___) WS-112  None      Petley           Albino Lizard from the Great White Sands Alamagordo, New Mexico
(___) X110022 None      Petley           Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona--MW (CONT)
(___) X113361 None      Petley           Montezuma Castle, Arizona (CONT)
(___) X113366 None      Petley           Albuquerque, New Mexico--MW (CONT)
(___) X113378 None      Petley Studio    Arizona Cactus and Saguaro Blossoms (CONT)
(___) X113649 None      Petley Studio    Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus (CONT)
(___) X113832 None      Petley           Arizona Sonora Desert Museum 14 miles West of Tucson (CONT)
(___) X113845 None      Petley Studio    Desert Poppies Southern Arizona (CONT)
(___) X115461 None      Petley Studio    Taos Pueblo-New Mexico (CONT)
(___) X115602 None      Petley Studio    Phoenix, Arizona (CONT)
(___) X115773 None      Petley           San Francisco Peaksm Northern Arizona--MW (CONT)
(___) X115777 None      Petley           Monument Valley, Arizona (CONT)
(___) X116206 None      Petley Studio    State capitol Building and Capital Complex, Pheonix, Arizona (CONT)
(___) X116588 None      Petley           Navajo Indian Squaw MWOB, (CONT)
(___) X3      None 1952 Petley           Whash makes yuh think a've had too mush to drink? (JUMBO)
(___) X8      None      Petley           I hain't had but two bad habits--MW
(___) X8      None 1952 Petley           I hain't had but two bad habits--MW (JUMBI)
(___) X9      none      Petley           I'm Out havin' a H____ of a good time--MW
(___) X9A     None      Petley           When we left ... Comin' Home...
(___) XA      None      Petley           Old fisherman never die-they just smell that way...
(___) XA      None 1956 Petley           Old fisherman never die-they just smell that way... (JUMBO)
(___) XJ      None 1956 Petley           Same words as "J"
(___) XL      None      Petley           Just takin' it easy...
(___) XM      None 1956 Petley           It's that time of the year... (JUMBO)

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