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Number PMKD/C: Pub B/W a/c Words on card (___) None None Petley Arizona - Where Mountains tower to the sky--MW cy:196-Maxwell Hayden (___) None None Petley Welcome To Tombstone and Boothill Graveyard--MW (CONT) (___) None None Petley World Famous Crystal Palace Saloon, Tombstone, Arizona (CONT) (___) None None Petley Durango to Silverton, (Colo., Folder of views) (___) None None Petley Greetings from RATON New Mexico (banner) (___) None None Petley KH-The Kaanapali Hotel, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii (___) None None Petley The Salome Frog made famous by Dick Wick Hall was not, as many think a myth. His relatives live dormant beneath the surface of the desert around Salome--MW. (___) None None Petley Howdy from Arizona The Land of the sun (Map card) (___) None None Petley Howdy from MIDLAND Texas (___) None None Petley Howdy Podnah, Here's a long letter fer yuh from Arizona! (Letter in envelope-tan) unsued (___) None None Petley Howdy from CASA GRANDE Arizona - MWOB (___) None None Petley Greetings from LA CRUCES, New Mexico (___) None None Petley A refreshing pause along the way BURRO JIM Motel & Cafe-MWOF, AGUILA, ARIZONA (___) None None Petley WINSLOW --MW (___) None 1954 Petley MONTANA (map) (___) None 1969 Petley Phoenix, Arizona. Water, dammed on the Salt and Verde Rivers--MW (___) unk 1978 Petley Studio When Spring's colorful touch brightens the desert (CONT) (___) unk 1984 Petley Studio Catalina Mountains, Arizona (CONT) (___) unk 1081 Petley Studio Brittle Brush-Hedgehog Blooms-Saguaro, Apache Trail Arizona (VONT) (___) unk 1974 Petley Studio The Colorful Desert (16-view) CONT) (___) unk 1979 Petley Studio The desert in Springtime (CONT) (___) unk 1977 Petley Studio Barrel Cactus on the desert (CONT) (___) unk 1975 Petley Studio Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus (CONT) (ribbed edge) (___) unk 1977 Petley Studio Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus (CONT) (white frame) (___) unk 1982 Petley Studio Lightning over Arizona (FONT) (___) unk None Petley Famous Camelback Mountain-MW, Phoenix, Arizona (___) unk None Petley The Great Meteor Crater, Northern Arizona--MW, (CONT) (___) unk None Petley Parker Dam, Arizona--MW (___) unk None Petley Port of Entry Nogales, Arizona (___) unk None Petley Picacho Peak, Arizona--MW (___) unk None Petley Oh! Point Colorado Jeep Trail. View from the Engineer Maountain Jeep Trail. (___) unk None Petley Mancos, Co. Near the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park--MW. (___) unk None Petley Western College, Yuma, Az. (words no defined) (___) unk None Petley Afa, Arizona (___) unk None Petley Saguaro Cactus in full bloom--MW chrome #?? (___) unk None Petley Elf Owl (sitting in a Saquaro Cactus hole) (___) unk None Petley The Desert Roadrunner (___) unk None Petley Arizona's Gambel Quil (___) unk None Petley Silver Nugget--MW (CONT) (___) unk None Petley Studio Hotel Adama and Valley National bank, Phoenix, Ariaona (___) unk None Petley Yuma's Famous Wedding Chapel, Yuma, Arizona (sn-) unk None Petley Studio ** Petrified Wood section in Arizona's Petrified Forest (sn-) unk None 1967 Petley Studio ** San Francisco Peaks on Highway 66 (sn-) unk None 1985 Petley Studio ** Painted Desert, U. S. Highway 66, Arizona (yellow lettering) (sn-) unk None 1985 Petley Studio ** Painted Desert, U. S. Highway 66, Arizona (red lettering) (sn_) unk None 1965 Petley Studio ** U. S. Hwy. 80 through Telegraph Pass-Yuma Arizona (___) 0DK-763 None Petley The Ageless Southwest--MW (___) 0986047 None Petley Joshua Trees (CONT) 631 (___) 1 None Petley God Made the Earth and rested...God made man and rested--More words (___) 1 None Petley The trip's been far (___) 1A Unknown (___) 1AA Unknown (___) 2 1945 Petley At The End Of The Trail B/W (___) 2A None Petley Just "throwin' a little Bull"...out West (___) 2AA None Petley Just a Little Bull"... out West (No Cy:) (___) 2AA None Petley Just a Little Bull from an Old Bull Shipper. (___) 2DK-843 None Petley Old Tucson, Arizona (___) 2US AZ 24 None Petley Grand Canyon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 2US AZ-65 None Petley Studio Balloon Festival at Fountain Hills East of Scottsdale, Arizona (CONT) (___) 2US AZ-117 None Petley Studio Summer Skies (CONT) (___) 2US NM-13 1984 Petley Studio Organ Mountains (CONT) (___) 2US NM-15 None Petley Studio Balloon Capitol of the World, Albuquerque, New Mexico (CONT) (___) 2US NM 34 None Petley Hot Air Ballooning--MW (___) 2US NM 242-B None Petley Silver City, New Mexico--MW (CONT) (___) 3 None Petley Greetings from the old west///it's so quiet and peaceful out here. (___) 3A Unknown (___) 3AA Unknown (___) 4 None Petley There's No Bottleneck In Western Production Methods (___) 4A None Petley Now Here's a Place where a Full House sure beats four of a kind! (___) 4AA None Petley A tight spot in the wide open spaces (___) 5 1945 Petley Western Hospitality (___) 5 1949 Petley Howdy! Just Pausin' Fer A Little Refreshin'...More words (___) 5A None Petley Howdy! Just Pausin' Fer A Little Refreshin'...More words (___) 5ED-616 None Petley San Xavier Del Bac Mission, Tuscon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 6 None Petley Cactus leaves can never replace the good ol' Corn cob...and that's fer sure! (___) 6A Unknown (___) 7 None Petley Greetings from the romantic west (___) 7A None Petley Away out here anything kin happen! More words (___) 8 None Petley Out West...seein' all the points of interest (___) 8A Unknown (___) 9 None Petley I'm all tied up at the moment...will write later (___) 9A Unknown (___) 10 None Petley Greetings from the west...More words (___) 10A None Petley Lunchtime on the desert B/W (___) 10A None Petley Lunchtime on the desert (Red Pig Cafe Prescott, Arizona (in red letters)) (___) 11 None Petley And this is no bull... We're sure havin' lotsa fun out here in the West! (___) 11A Unknown (___) 10073 None Petley Studio Red River, New Mexico (___) 103398 None Petley Obregon Avenue, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW, CONT (___) 103400 None Petley Obregon Avenue, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW, CONT (___) 104833 None Petley Red Mountain Pass--MW (___) 104841 None Petley Studio D. R. G. W. Narrow Gauge Train Leaving the Railroad Station at Durango, Co.--MW (___) 108353 None Petley Santa Fe, New Mexico--MW (CONT) (___) 110421 None Petley Deming, New Mexico--MW (___) 110423 None Petley Taos Pueblo, Northern New Mexico (sn-) 110424 None 1974 Petley Studio ** Tucumcari Mountain (___) 111348 None Petley Acoma Pottery--MW (CONT) (___) 111462 None Petley Studio Spring brings out Ocotillo Blooms (CONT) (___) 113181 None Petley Toroweap Point--MW (CONT) (___) 114298 None Petley Hot Air Ballooning, NM. (___) 116818 None Petley Francisco Grande Hotel and Motor Inn Case Grande, Arizona (___) 118122 None Petley Oak Creek Canyon--MW (CONT) (___) 118123 None Petley Merman exhibit displayed at the bird cage museum in Tombstone, Arizona-MW (___) 119014 None Petley Picuris Museum, Pueblo, NM. (___) 12 None Petley "Too Busy To Write Much Now...Besides There's A Paper Shortage" More words (___) 1211 None Petley Studio London Bridge, Lake Havasu City, Arizona (CONT) (___) 12239 None Petley Entering the plaza of San Geronimo De Taos - Toas Pueblo. (___) 120023 None Petley Purgatory Inn, Durango, Colorado (___) 124212 None Petley El Morro National Monument Ramah, New Mexico--MW (___) 124213 None Petley El Morro National Monument, Ramah, New Mexico--MW (___) 12508 None Petley Taos, New Mexico (___) 126280 None Petley Studio Hopi Cultural Center. Second Mesa, Arizona (___) 128083 None Petley The Hig Peaks foot trail crosses this hulking peak--MW PC#9 (___) 128465 None Petley Obregon Avenue, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW, CONT (___) 129879 None Petley This amazing aerial view of Tuzigoot from the south shows the superb position--MW (___) 13174 None Petley Albuquerque from the top of the hill at western city limits--MW (___) 131370 None Petley Board of Directors (CONT) (___) 13318 None Petley Studio Sniff's Date Garden--MW, Indio, Calif. (___) 139 None Petley Words Unknown (___) 143 None Petley Twin Falls in the Mountains near OURAY, Colorado (CONT) (___) 14360 None Petley Main street "Old Tucson, Arizona" (___) 144010 None Petley Cigar Store Indian from New England--MW (___) 144012 None Petley Casas Grandes Ceramic effigy vessels--MW (___) 144013 None Petley Ootam Basketry from Southern Arizona--MW (___) 14504 None Petley Pool and Patio Areas Paradise Inn --MW Near Scottsdale (___) 14740-C None Petley Gila Bend, Arizona (___) 14873 None Petley Salt River Canyon--Arizona--MW K64A (___) 14873 None Petley Salt River Canyon-- Showlow, Arizona (w/o K64a number) (___) 15057 None Petley Walpi Indian Viallage, Northern Arizona (___) 1530 None Petley Hot Air Ballooning (Southwest) (___) 156194 1981 Petley Studio Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus (CONT) (___) 15628-C None Petley Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico--MW (___) 16 None Petley Post Card Puzzle from the Southwest White Stallion in the Moonlight(on back) (___) 16355 None Petley Switchbacks on Million Dollar Highway over Red Mountain Pass Between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado. (___) 17899 None Petley Cotton picker at work in the great Southwest (___) 17900 None Petley Lettuce Harvest in central Arizona's Salt River Valley, the lettuce capital of the world (___) 17964 None petley Bali-Hi Motor Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona (___) 19247 None Petley McGee's Indian Den, Scottsdale, AZ.--NW (___) 203-C None Petley I might just as well make a clean breast of it... (sn-) 20227 None Petley Studio ** Route 66, Four lane divided Highway between Albuquerque and Grants, New Mexico (___) 20927 None Petley El Pueblo Motor Lodge on State Highway No. 3, Taos, New mexico (___) 20948 None Petley Giant Scoop Shovel and Ore Car, Santa Rita Open-pit Copper Mine, Santa Rita, New Mexico (___) 20961 None Petley Along the Red River Highway, NM. (___) 214-C None Petley just like sitting in a bathtub... ...once you get used to it, it's not so hot! (___) 21713-C Nome Petley Studio Jerome (Ghost City) Arizona (___) 2218 None Petley Studio A stroll down Main Street in old Tucson--MW (CONT-AZ.) (___) 22317 None Petley Aerial View of Downtown Pheonix, Arizona--MW (___) 22502 None Petley All Aboard for Silverton (___) 22591 None Petley Lurt and Alice Knee's Sleeping Rainbow Guest Ranch AAA Approved P.O.Box 93, Torrey, Utah--MW (chrome) (___) 231076 None Petley Superstition Mountain-Arizona--MQ (CONT) (___) 23895 None Petley Prospectors Motel, Silverton, Colorado (___) 24 None 1958 Petley If At First you don't succeed ... the heck with it! (___) 24A None 1958 Petley Same words as #24. (___) 2425 None Petley Howdy from the middle of nowhere!--MW, Sierra Vista Arizona (CONT) (___) 24446 None Petley The Free State Saloon, Silverton, Colorado (___) 24762 None Petley Studio U. S. Post Office and Hotel Westward Ho, Phoenix, Arizona (___) ?? None Petley Studio Same words - Number on card is reversed and upside down ??? 42953 ??? (___) 24768 None Petley Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, Arizona Municipal Airport (___) 24771 None Petley Main Street, Scottsdale, Arizona--MW (___) 25139 None Petley Spreading Chili for drying (___) 25925 None Petley Mesa Verde National Park (___) 29230-B 1973 Petley Studio The Colorful Desert (CONT) (___) 29247 None Petley Full skirted native desert palms in an undisturbed grove of the desert (___) 29516 None Petley Studio Kit Carson House and Museum, Taos, N. Mexico (___) 29518 None Petley The glory days gone is still very much in evidence across the vast reaches of the dry ranges of the Southwest (___) 29628 None Petley Studio Temple Travel Lodge--MW, Phoenix, Arizona (___) 29817-C None Petley Slide Rock Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona (CONT) (___) 3DK-1904 None Petley Studio Mohave County Court House, Kingman, Arizona (___) 31311 None Petley Studio Main Sawmill and Barker Union Lumber Company Fort Bragg, California (___) 30536-B none Petley Elephant Butte, NM. (11 by 15 print) (___) 330150 None Petley Sedona, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 330152 None Petley Snow Blankets the red rocks of Oak Creek, Arizona (CONT) (TB_) 32493 None Petley Scottsdale, Arizona, N Brown St. (___) 330149 None Petley Studio Snow covered Saguaro Cacti on the Arizona desert (CONT) (___) 33143-B None Petley Indian Woman with baby on sun shaded cradle board (___) 33839-C None Petley Indian Grinding Corn MWOB (CONT) (___) 33906 None Petley Japanese flower Garden, Phoenix, Airzona (___) 34124638 None Petley Studio Coronado National Forest Sabino Canyon Visitor Center, Tucson, Arizona (CONT) (___) 34260 None Petley Studio ** Central methodist Church--MW (___) 34263 None Petley Main Cell Block, Territorial Prison, Yuma, Arizona (___) 34483-C None Petley Studio Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus (CONT) (___) 34613 None Petley Underground Tunnel - Desert Museum (___) 34616 None Petley Las Floridas Mountains (sn_) 34931 None Petley Studio ** Church Rock On I. S. 66, East of Gallup, New Mexico (___) 36068 None Petley Greetings from SHIPROCK NEW MEXICO (___) 36091 None Petley San Francisco Giants Francisco Grande Motoe Inn, Casa Grande, Arizona (___) 37682 None Petley Studio The Matterhorn Motor Lodge, Sedona, Arizona (___) 38927 None Petley Thunderbird Inn, Williams, Arizona (___) 38379-B None Petley Desert Botanical Gardens, Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizona Purple Prickly Pear Cactus--MW (___) 38080 None Petley The Turquoise Trail MWOB (Albuquerque) (___) 38382-B None Petley Desert Botanical Gardens, Papago Park, Phoenix, Arizone Birthday Cake pin Cushion--MW (___) 38384-B None Petley Desert Botanical Gardens, Papsgo Park, Phoenix, Arizona Yellow Prickly Pear--MW (___) 38931-C None Petley Wild Jackalope (___) S8937-C None Petley Hotel Valley Ho Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 392 None Petley Elk (CONT) (___) 39368 None Petley Municipal Auditorium, Albuquerque, New Mexico (___) 39628 None Petley South Mountain Flower Garden--MW (___) 39681 None Petley Studio Showlow Arizona (___) 39682 None Petley Greetings from SALT RIVER CANYON, Arizona K-67A (chrome) (___) 39870 None Petley Studio Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 39944 None Petley Miami, Arizona (___) 4DK-1632 None Petley ROUTE 66 Main Street of America--MW, multi-view (___) 40016 None Petley Box Canyon, Ouray, Colorado-MW (___) 40390 None Petley Studio The Lulu Belle, Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 4270-C None Petley Newspaper Rock Petrified Forest National park (___) 4272-C None Petley Coronado Shopping Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico (sn_) 43419-B None Petley Studio ** Cathedral Cliff, Northwestern New Mexico (___) 435 None Petley Gambel Quail--MW (CONT) (___) 447-A None Petley Painted Desert--MW 33336 (TB_) 44634-C None Petley Rodeo Parade, Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 44896 None Petley Desert Garden--MW (sn_) 45014-C None Petley Studio ** Valarie Jean Date Shop, Thermel, California (___) 45019 None Petley Date Goves (___) 45399 None Petley Japanese Flower Garden--MW (___) 45501-C None Petley Red Rock Formations found in besutiful Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 46007-B None Petley Central Methodist Church, Phoeniz, Arizona (___) 46570-C 1973 Petley Studio The flaming blossoms and the great leaves of the Ocitillo--MW (CONT) (___) 46647-C None Petley Cowboy's Saturday Night (CONT-Dexter Press) (___) 468 None Petley Harris Hawk - CONT - MW (___) 46908 None Petley Studio ** The red Parasol 38 East Main Street, in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 47118 None Petley Studio Arizona Main Chance, Phoenix, Arizona (___) 4801-C None Petley Navajo Maiden -- MW Arizona (sn_) 4814-C None Petley Studio State Capitol - Arizona (sn-) 4820-C None Petley Studio ** Highway 66 Across - New Mexico State Line (___) 49679 None Petley Phoenix Downtown Travelodge--MW (___) 49761-C None Petley Meteorites from the Great Meteor Crater--MW (CONT) (___) 50 None Petley Time for a ride, Old town, Arizona 59086 (___) 50560 None Petley The Hopi Home Dance or NIEMA Festival MWOB (___) 51012 Noen Petley Studio Sun City, Arizona (___) 52481-C None Petley La Hacienda Dining room, Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New Mexico (___) 51573 None Petley Tunnel on the Million Dollar Highway (___) 52008 None Petley TUCSON, Arizona--Aerial View--MWOB T-19 (___) 52936 None Petley The Towers --MW- Houston, Texas (___) 52987 None Petley Old Bridge and Marshall's Office Old Tucson, Arizona (___) 52465 None Petley Cameron, Arizona (___) 52657-C None Petley Fort Davis National Historic Site, (West Texas) (___) 52680 Mpme Petley Studio Morley Ave. Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 528044 None Petley Center of Downtown El Paso, Texas--MW (___) 53A None Petley It takes 387 muscles in your face to frown... (More words on front) (___) 53208 None Petley Studio ** Lava Beds (___) 53274-B None Petley Cattle Punching on a Jack Rabbit (CONT) (___) 53275 None Petley Raodway through the Saguaros--MW (___) 533 None Petley Studio Cacti & Desert flora of the Great Southwest (CONT) (___) 53332 None Petley Studio West Mall Chris-town Shopping Center, Phoenix, Arizona (___) 53738 None Petley Studio ** Tijeras Canyon Highway--MW (___) 5428 None Petley Chili Peppers--MW (___) 54425 None Petley Hotel Stardust, Yuma, Arizona (___) 54434-1 None Petley Indian Woman Grinding Corn (sn-) 54738 None Petley Studio ** Tijeras Canyon Highway (___) 56091 None Petley Studio San Francisco Giants Francisco Grande Motor Inn Casa Grande, Arizona (___) 56515 None Petley Continental Divide, NM. on U S Highway 66 (___) 56597-C None Petley Red Rock Crossing, Oak Creek, Arizona--NW (CONT) (___) 574 None Petley Scenic Desert (CONT) (___) 57475 None Petley Newspaper Rock, Petrified Forest, Arizona (___) 57912 None Petley Studio N Brown St., Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 57969-B None Petley Studio ** Roosevelt Dam--MW (___) 58087 None Petley Arizona Canal, Phoenix, Arizona (___) 58098 None Petley Chattanooga Valley between Silveton and Ouray, Colorado--MW (___) 58751 None Petley Pinnacle Peak Patio - The Original Cowboy Steakhouse, 20 miles northeast of Scottsdale, Arizona. (___) 57912 None Petley Scottsdale Arizona N.Brown St. (___) 58076-C None Petley Studio University of New Mexico Arena--MW (Dexter Press) Tearout (___) 58698 None Petley Old Tucson, Arizona (___) 59054 None Petley Kava Beds--MW (___) 59623 None Petley Studio Imperial '400' Motel, Pheonix Downtown (___) 59859 None Petley Camelback Inn near Phoenix, Arizona (___) 6023 None Petley Saguaro national Monument (CONT) (___) 6201 None Petkey Roadside Geyser, located on Hi-way 50 near Price, Utah--MW (___) 63484 None petley Entering the plaza at San Geronimo de Taos--MW (___) 63488 None Petley Studio Route 66. New Mexico (___) 65358 None Petley 1908 Sears Roebuck from the Truly Nolen Exterminating Company's Antique Collection. (___) 65503 None Petley Radium Springs Swimming Pool & Municipal Park, Ouray, Colorado (___) 65935 None Petley Palace of Governors - Nearly every day, Especially during the warm sunny days of summer--MW (___) 65998 None Petlsy Howdy from WICKENBURG, Arizona (___) 66055 None Petley Studio Dale Anderson's House of Favorite Food & Drink, Scottsfale. Arizona (___) 67059 None Petley Crossroads Inn 3033 South Sixth Avenue Tucson, Arizona (___) 67116 None Petley Studio Desert Inn, Phoenix, Arizona (___) 67133-B None Petley From high in the sheep ranges--MW (___) 67134-B None Petley Navajo Rug Weaver (___) 6721 None Petley Comeback Inn - near Pheonix, Arizona (Large adv card) (___) 680031 None Petley Winter in Western Colorado--MW (CONT) (___) 680071 None Petley Falls in Oak Creek at Slide Rock, Oak Creek canyon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 68214 None Petley Mountain Shadows Hotel Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 68214 None Petley Webb's Mountain Shadow Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona (CONT) (___) 68273-C None Petley View of Bell Rock in lower Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 68700 None Petley Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum, Ticson, Arizona (CONT) (___) 68703 None Petley Papago Beehive House, Tucson, Arizona (___) 6C-K3098 None Petley Studio ** Greetings from TUCSON Arizona (___) 6ED-538 None Petley Phoenix, Arizona (CONT) (___) 70930 None Petley Colorado Ouray Scene--MW (___) 70955 None Petley Silverton, Colorado--MW (___) 71179 None Petley Studio Springerville, Arizona (___) 71192 None Petley Albuquerque, New Mexico - Night falls--MW (___) 72685 None Petley Studio ** Williams in Northern Arizona (___) 72721 None Petley Rodeway Inn --MW Elpaso, Texas (___) 72866 None Petley Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona (___) 735 None Petley Hoover Dam CONT (___) 73527 None Petley Maryland Park and Club Apts., Glendale, Ariz.--MW (___) 74006-B None Petley Apache Bead Maker (___) 74367 None Petley Arizona state College, Flagstaff, Arizona (___) 7475 None Petley Winter on the desert--MW (___) 74836 None Petley Avenida Obregon, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico--MW, CONT (___) 74837 None Petley World Famous Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, Arizona (___) 74839 None Petley Phelps Dodge Mill, Ajo, Arizona (___) 74842 None Petley Studio Phelp Doge Company Hospital, Ajo, Arizona (___) 74845 None Petley View overlooking the New Cornelia Plant__Mw Ajo, Arizona (___) 74847 None Petley Immaculate Conception Church, Ajo, Atizona (___) 751345 None Petley Studio Howdy From the Middle of Nowhere! - Phoenix, Arizona (CONT) (___) 76732 None Petley O.T.Gillett Cowboy, Trapper & Philospher at Buffalo Park, Flagstaff, Arizona (___) 7768 None Petley Jerome, Arizona - The World's largest Ghost Town--MW (___) 78550 None Petley Autolodge Pheonix -- Downtown--MW (___) 79469 None Petley The Navajo Trail (___) 79515 None Petley Silverton, Colorado-MW (___) 79532 None Petley Autumn Transitions, Colorado Rockies--MW (___) 79533 None Petley Autumn in the Colorado Rockies--MW (___) 79798 None Petley Avenue of flags and twin spans of the New Immigration station where one enters Mexico--MW (___) 8C-K819 None Petley Greetings from Ciudad JUAREZ Old Mexico (___) 8C-K1046 None Petley Balanced Rock Chiricahua National Monument (___) 8C-K1423 None Petley Studio ** Smoke Trees in a desert wash (___) 8CK3123 None Petley Snow-covered San Francisco Peaks, Highest point in Arizona--MW (___) 80445 None Petley OLD DRUNKS NEVER DIE (chrome) (___) 80446 None Petley Wickenburg, Arizona Looking East on U.S. Hwys. 60,70 & 89 (___) 80929 None Petley Art Linkletter's Chilton Inn, Gila Bend, Arizona (___) 813 None Petley Studio Lynx Lake -- near Prescott--MW (CONT-AZ.) (___) 81674 None Petley Sundown in the Great West Country (___) 81773-B None Petley Verbenas on the Desert (___) 82136-B None Petley Albuquerque, New Mexico - The Skyline (___) 82138-B None Petley Albuquerque, New Mexico - The metropolitan Area (___) 824 None Petley Roadway into Colorful Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (sn_) 83883-B None Petley Studio ** Meteor Crater, Arizona (___) 839G None Petley Spectacular Scenery is never ending in the Southwestern States. (___) 84053-B None Petley Greetings from Arizona (Multi view map card) (___) 841323 None Petley West Sedona, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 84372 None Petley The Famous Alvarado Hotel, Albuquerque, NM--MW (___) 84546-0 None Petley Studio ** Hot Air Balloon over Pheonix, Arizona (CONT) (___) 845002 None Petley Hot Air ballooning over the Grand Canyon (CONT) (___) 845019 None Petley Gambel Quail--MW CONT 435 (___) 84656 None Petley Oldest house in the United States - Across De Vargas--MW, (___) 84672 None Petley Brightest spot on the Winter Trail--MW (___) 885 None Petley Chapel of the Holy Cross at Sedona, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) 9C-K711 None Petkey Studio Scottsdale, Arizona (___) 90570-B 1963 Petley Colorful TAOS New Mexico (palatte) (___) 9083 None Petley Old Movie Street, SEDONA, Arizona (___) 9354-C None Petley Studio Hurrican Lake - Fort Apache Indian Reservation - N. Arizona (___) 91426-B None Petley The Lulu Belle, SCOTTSDALE, AZ. (___) 91432 None Petley The Amerind Foundation Inc, Dragoon Arizona--MW (___) 94107 None Petley NOGALES, MEXICO - International Boundary Fence--MWOB (___) 95143 None Petley Tonto National Monument, Roosevelt, Arizona. (___) 95865 None Petley Rodeway Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona__MW (___) 96603 None Petley Studio Sir George's Smorgasbord Houses (Pheonix, Arizona ??) (___) 97038 None Petley Mountain Columbine--MW (___) 97898 None Petley Studio Sage Motel, Glendale, Arizona (___) 99501 None Petley Main Street Old Tucson, Arizona (___) 99503 None Petley Old Tucson, Arizona (___) 99507 None Petley Old Tucson, Arizona (___) 99713-B None Petley Indian Dancers at Grand Canyon (___) 99715-B None Petley A Navajo Family--MW (___) 99A None Petley Six munths ago I couldn't evun spell sailsmun - Now I are one (___) A None Petley Old fisherman never die-they just smell that way... (KL_) AZ-038 None ???? Petley Saguaro Cactus with Blanket of snow (jumbo) (___) B None 1956 Petley Behold the Fisherman...More words (___) B1 None Petley New Mexico-Hot Air Balloon Capital of the world--MW (___) B11 None Petley Bell Rock, Lower Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) B167 None Petlay Book Ends of partial cross section of Petrified Araucaria Pine from Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) B1027 None Petley Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs, California--MW (___) B12215 None Petley Hot Air Ballooning - One of the more rapid growing sports--MW (CONT) (___) B12218 None Petley Petrified Forest National Park, Northern Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) B16797 None Petley Beauties of the desert--MW (CONT) PSW1600 (___) B17096 None Petley Tony the Tiger is one of the many shape Balloons--MW (___) B3286 None Petley Aerial Tramway, Palm Springs, California--MW (___) B3925 None Petley Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railraod--MW (___) B5857 None Petley Cirio or Boojum--MW (CONT Cactus) (___) B6445 Mpme Petley Syudio Snow on Catalina Mountains. at Tucson, Arizona (CONT) (___) B6627 None Petley Studio Sqauw Peek, Phoenix, Arizona--MW (CONT) (___) B7171 None Petley San Xavier Del Bac (___) B7202 None Petley The Road Runner-MW (CONT) (___) B731 None Petley Studio Through Colorful Canyons and ovrer turbulant rapis--MW (CONT-AZ.) (___) B77 None Petley Gundfighter of the Old West- Doc Holliday--MW, CONT (___) B78 None Petley Gunfighter of the Old West- Bat Masterson--MW. CONT (___) B8023 None Petley Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum Tucson, Arizona CONT (___) B8103 None Petley Studio Grand Canyon Atizona--MW CONT (___) COL-207 None Petley Ouray, Colorado--MW (___) COL-212 None Petley Box Canyon, Ouray, Colorado--MW (___) COL-216 None Petley Studio Silverton Colorado (___) COVER none Petley Cacti and Desert Flora of the Great Southwest (Small booklet) (___) C None Petley THIS IS LIVIN (___) C-1 None Petley The trip's been far (___) C-2 None Petley Just A Little Bull From An Old Bull Shipper (___) C-2A Noen Petley The Great American MUGWUMP--sits on a fence with his mug on one side and his wump on the other! (___) C-3 None Petley Greetings from the old's so quite and peaceful here. (___) C-4 None Petley A Tight spot in the wide open spaces (___) C-4A None 1958 Petley Hangover Breakfast? Tomato Juice Two Raw Eggs Black Coffee Aspirin and our Sympathy. (___) C-5 None Petley Just Pausin' Fer A Little Refreshin (MB_) C-6 None Petley Cactus Leaves Can Never Replace the Good Corn Cob...and That's fer Sure! Note: Same as number 6 above (___) C-7 None Petley Away out here anything kin happen! More words (___) C-8 None Petley Out West..Seein' All The Points Of Interest (___) C-9 None Petley Don't give my pard no more to drink...he's gonna drive. (___) C-10 None Petley Lunchtime On The Desert (___) C-10A None Petley "My mind is made up!...don't confuse me with facts...." (___) C-11 None Petley Help me keep my big nose outa other peoples' business and their's outa mine! More words (sn_) C-11 None Petley Howdy! Havin' a Big Time....Just nosin around (same view as C-11 above) (___) C-11A None Petley OLD COWBOYS NEVER DIE...THEY JUST SMELL THAT WAY (MB_) C-12 None Petley Too Busy To Write Much Now... Besides There's A Paper Shortage (___) C-13 None Petley And this is no's the udder king! (___) C-13A None Petley "Work is the curse of the drinking classes" (___) C-14 None Petley Say, Just How Old Are You? (___) C-15 None Petley If I kin jush climb over thish fence I'll get me another (hic!) Drink. (___) C-16 None Petley Hey! Who Wrapped All This [email protected] Paper around This Cob Of Corn? (___) C-17 None Petley Pale face take-um chance on injin blanket? More words (___) C-17A None Petley Why be Disagreeable? (___) C-18 None Petley Hey mom, what's the old man so mad about lately? (MB_) C-18A None Petley Keep Smilin' (___) C-18B None Petley "Tomorrow we just gotta go on that diet!" (___) C-19 None Petley One meets More Dern Strangers out here! (___) C-19A None 1956 Petley The Power of a Martini. (___) C-20 None Petley Life kin be beautiful! (___) C-21 None Petley You'll Find One At Every Bar! (___) C-22 None Petley Fishin's Fine and you kin see the bottom...Just as clear! (___) C-23 None Petley I'm out havin' a H... of a good time! More words (___) C-24 None Petley Just 'cause there's snow on the roof don't mean there's no fire in the furnace! (___) C-25 None Petley Shurtanly I'm gonna drive. ah ain't in no condishon ta walk! (hic) (___) C-26 None Petley worry! (___) C-27 None Petley Havin' a Wonderful Time And Ahm Sure not.takin' any chances! (___) C-28 None Petley Howdy! Im the one wearin' the hat! (___) C-28A None Petley There are more old drunks than old doctors ... Let that be a lesson to you. (MB_) C-29 None Petley Dont't just stand there...Do Sumpin! (___) C-29A None Petley Liquor makes you see double and feel single... (___) C-30 None Petley Look, Dearie at the Friendly Little Snake....He's Waggin' his Tail at Me! (___) C-31 None Petley On the loose with all the comforts of Home (___) C-32 None Petley Keeeristopher! they sure mix 'em strong out here! (___) C-33 None Petley Udderly Ridiculous! (___) C-34 None Petley I got scrambled brains, stewed liver, boiled tongue and pickled pigs feet. More words (___) C-35 None Petley I'm not inbricated! (More Words) (___) C-35A None Petley When the Honeymoon is over (___) C-36 None Petley With Me It's Just One DAMP THING After Another! (___) C-37 None Petley Famous Wester FLU-FLU Bird. More words (___) C-37C None Petley (SAME) CONT. (___) C-38 None Petley Ah kin read writin' but ah kain't write Readin'...that's why I hain't writ yuh before! (___) C-39 None Petley Howdy from the middle of Nowhere! (50 Miles from Town-in signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Scottsdale, Arizona (no 50 miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) 50 Miles from Town (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Apache Junction, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Benson, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Bullhead City Arizona (30 miles from water 2 feet from hell!) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Carefree, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Casa Grande, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Gila Bend, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Mesa, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Meteor City, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Old Tucson, Arizona (50 Miles from Town in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Phoenix, Arizona (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Salome, Arizona (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Tortilla Flat, Arizona (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Blythe, California (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Chiriaco Summit, California (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) El Centro, California (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39 None Petley (SAME) Roy's Cafe, Amboy, California (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (MB_) C-39 None Petley (SAME) DATELAND, 30 miles from water, 2 feet from hell! (___) C-39A None Petley Howdy from the Middle of Nowhere! 50 Miles From Town--More words (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Gallup (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Phoenix Arizona (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Tucson 30 miles from water 2 feet from hell (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Needles, Calif. 30 miles from water, 2 feet from hell! (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Uncle Neal's Pancake House Barstow California 30 miles from water 2 feet from hell! (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Albuquerque, New Mexico (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Albuquerque, New Mexico (no 30 Miles from water 2 feet from hell!-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Las Cruces, New Mexico (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A 0806 1969 Petley (SAME) Pie Town, New Mexico (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Salt Flat, New Mexico (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Santa Rosa, New Mexico (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Alkali Lake, Oregon (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) El Paso, Texas (no 50 Miles from town-in Signpost) (___) C-39A None Petley (SAME) Mt Laguna Calif. (30 miles from water 2 feet from hell!-in signpost) (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) OLD TUCSON Arizona (CONTinental) 30 miles from Water 2 feet from Hell! (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) Phoenix Arizona (CONTinental-Black lettering) (___) C-39C 1014 1986 Petley (SAME) Phoenix (CONTinental in black border) (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) Santa Rosa, New Mexico (Continental) (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) Santa Fe, New Mexico (Continental) (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) (Texas replaces "NOWHERE" in top line) Continental (___) C-39C 0923 1992 Petley Howdy from the middle of nowhere!, Farmington New Mexico 30 miles from water 2 feet from hell!, Continental 2US NM 85 (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) El Centro California 30 miles from water 2 feet from hell) (___) C-39C None Petley (SAME) Continental divide New Mexico -- same (___) C-39C None Petley Howdy from the middle of Nowhere! California Desert (CONTinental) (___) C-40 None Petley All that's Left ...after Taxes (___) C-41 None Petley Why good morning Miss Jones...ah was justa thinkin' about you! (___) C-41A None Petley Some People have not respect fo old age unless it is bottled... (___) C-41C None Petley There's always one at every bar (MB_) C-42 None Petley Tongue? Goodness No -- I couldn't Eat Anything That Comes From An Animal's Mouth! Well Then -- How about a Couple of Scrambled Eggs? (___) C-42A None Petley Please remain seated while the room is in motion. (___) C-43 None Petley Your wife can only get just so mad -- so why not stick around a little longer? (___) C-43A None Petley Well...How's it goin' back at the Office? (___) C-44 None Petley Hey pop..why does mom get so tired so often? (___) C-44-C None Petley Hey pop..why does mom get so tired so often? (Continental Size-ribbed edge) (___) C-44 None 1952 Petley Say pard, Hain't that there a beautiful rig? - Sure is, pal SURE is! (___) C-45 None Petley Just Another poor old Jackass... With more than he can support! (___) C-46 None Petley Whatcha mean "Number please"? hic yuh got mah (hic!) nickel, now gimme mah [email protected]**.. Peanuts! (___) C-47 None Petley Wanta circle low and scare H-L outa 'em? (___) C-48 None Petley Hey Maw! there's a feller out here from the circus...wants to take a look atcha! (___) C-48-A None Petley "The trouble with this tribe is too many chiefs and not enough indians..." (___) C-49 None 1959 Petley KEE-RIPES! You mix 'em strong!! (___) C-49 None Petley Justa Pausin' Fer A Little Refreshin' Carson Corners Quartzsite, - Arizona (___) C-49 None Petley (SAME) Squeaky Springs (___) C-49-A None Petley (SAME) Laguna Mtn. Lodge Mt. Laguna Calif. (___) C-49-A None Petley (SAME) Dam Corner Lake Isabella (___) C-49-A None Petley (SAME) Benson Cafe (___) C-49-A None Petley (SAME) Tony's Curio Nogales Sonoro, Mexico (___) C-49 None Petley (SAME) Art Green's Cliff Dwellers Lodge Eat here and get gas (___) C-49 None Petley (SAME) Dry Lake Service Dry Lake, Nevada (___) C-49 None Petley (SAME) Canyon Inn Cafe Zion Nat. Park, Utah (___) C-49 None Petley (SAME) Denny's Underpass Inn Eat Here and get gas, Essex, Montana (___) C-50 None Petley Howdy from a little stinker too busy to write! (___) C-51 None Petley too! but I'm scared stiff to go near the durn thing (___) C-52 None Petley Vyissit ve grow too zoon oldt und too lake schart (___) C-52-A None Petley You dont have to be crazy to work here but it helps... (___) C-53 None Columbia Yes Mam, justa minute...I'll see if he's here (___) C-53A None Petley It takes 387 muscles in your face to frown... It takes only 8 to smile, why overwork?...Smile, darn yuh, SMILE! Note: Also one without (C-) in front of number (See below) (___) C-54 None Petley I told him that stuff would knock his head off! (___) C-55 None Petley Honey, in spite of everything, you're stukk a little Stinker! (___) C-56 None Petley Ma'am, our milk is guaranteed absolutely Fresh! (___) C-57 None Petley Shay, fellas... maybe one of ush oughta get up front an drive! (___) C-57A None Petley When We Left... Comin"Home... (___) C-58 None Petley Climate out here shore is healthy __too *@#! Healthy! (___) C-59 None Petley Off the leash and on the loose! (___) C-60 None Petley Lady! I just saw a bear eat on of your children! (more words) (___) C-61 None Petley Th only way to save money out here is to have low pockets and short arms! (___) C-61A None 1958 Petley One day as I sat musing, sad and lonely and without a friend, a voice came to me from out of the gloom saying, "Cheer up...things could be worse." So I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse. SMILE (___) C-62 None Petley Dearie! please stop those vulgar noises! BURP! (___) C-62A None Petley Accommodations sure are crowded out here...this is the room where I slept last night! (___) C-63 None Petley "How to live on $16.00 a week" Image of man working on his budget.."that means going into debt $1, cut the wife's allowance." (___) C-64 None Petley --And another thing--no passes at the nurses!! (___) C-65 None Petley Now don't go makin' an ass of yourself! (___) C-65A None Petley WHOA-A-A-A, You @*!! @*!! *!*@* WHOA-HO-AH! (___) C-66 None Petley We'uns just moved to the city--More words (___) C-67 None Petley Catchum plenty fish--baitum hook with tobakky and knockum on head when come up to spit! (___) C-68 None Petley Hey, Maw!--kin mah lil' friend stay fer dinner? (___) C-69 None Petley Hey, you on the end..quit yore ticklin! (___) C-70 None Petley Come right on in---or ah'll shoot! (___) C-71 None Petley Honey--you and me is shore made fer each other! (___) C-72 None Petley Paw Hain't Gonna like this---he's still down thar a-diggin! (___) C-72A None Petley Don't Take Life Too Seriously... You'll never get out of it alive anyhow... (___) C-73 None Petley Man I sure Hope ah never gits that nongry! (___) C-74 None Petley "WELL POTTED" (___) C-75 None Petley Persistent Cuss, Ain't he? (___) C-75 None Petley "COMFORTABLE TRIP.MYAH---ER--EYEBROW!! (___) C-76 None Petley I Hain't had but two bad habits in my life...old age took car of O' one and prohibition tother! (___) C-77 None Petley WATER HAZARD (___) C-78 None Petley Whash makes yuh think A've had too mush to drink? (___) C-79 None Petley (no words- two reindeer in car, two men roped to fenders) (___) C-80 None Petley Hey---How 'bout you drivin'fer a while? (___) C-81 None Petley Where'd you tie the horses, Jonesey?---that deer you just shot had a saddle on it! (___) C-82 None Petley Sorry, Bub...we close at noon on Wednesday (___) C-82 None Petley Her drinks are awful...but I sure love to watch her mix 'em! (___) C-82A None Petley Her drinks are awful...but I sure love to watch her mix 'em! (___) C-83 None Petley El Stinko Fertilizer Works (___) C-84 None Petley If I save my money I'm a miser---If I spend it I'm a Loafer---If I get it I'm a grafter---If I get it i'm a bum---So What's the *[email protected]*!! Use ?!! (___) C-85 None Petley Go 'way mama's busy (___) C-85 None Petley I'm out havin' a h___ of a good time! When I pass out," (more words) (___) C-86 None Petley Sure takes calls to get results!! (___) C-87 None Petley Just waiting for a "Live one" (___) C-88 None Petley Chief...why don't you let your squaw ride? Squaw no gottum horse (___) C-89 None Petley Come now---we can't wait all day!! (___) C-90 None Petley Quit Nibbling, D*[email protected]!! you, ---Bite! (___) C-91 None Petley I', the only guy who ever "Cleans up" at the races! (___) C-92 None Petley ---I'm really stuck on it out here! (___) C-93 None Petley I cut out smokin' I cut out drinkin' I cut out wimmen' and now...I'm cuttin' out paper dolls! (___) C-94 None Petley Dearie don't I smell ham burning? (___) C-95 None Petley Say, paw...what you got against the milkman? (___) C-95A None 1958 Petley Don't criticize your wif's judgement... look who she maimed... (___) C-96 None Petley Hey, sis..whatcha wearin' the bandage for?? (___) C-97 None Petley The four Tu Wu Sisters--More words (___) C-98 None Petley You'd better, hurry junior... or you'll be too late for breakfast! (___) C-99 None Petley Hey, Waiter! you've got your thumb in my soup--More words (___) C-99A None Petley Six Months ago I couldn't evun spell sailsmun-Now I are one (___) C-100 None Petley Hurry, Paw! Ah Kain't Wait! (___) C-101 None Petley THE SALESMAN--AS SEEN BY: (___) C-102 None Petley "You see, Duckie, I sure git tired of chicken all the time!" ... (___) C-102 None Petley Narrow Gauge Passenger Train - Animas Canyon--MW (___) C-103 None Petley So they caught you at last...Mom'll sure be glad to hear of this! (___) C-104 None Petley This is what I get for not keeping my big mouth shut! (___) C-104A None Petley Leggo my ankle *[email protected]***!! it, or i'll bay you one on the head with my pick! (___) C-105 None Petley All fishermen are goldarn liars...'ceptin' you and me..and I ain't so dern sure about YOU.. (___) C-106 None Petley You'll never believe this!! (___) C-107 None Petley If you hafta Drink/// Be smart! -- More words (___) C-10777 None Petley Old Town, Wickenburg, Arizona (___) C-10857 None Petley Montezuma Castle, Arizona (___) C-108 None 1954 Petley "Whatcha Got in Mind, Bub?" (Dog sniffing at elephant's rear leg) (___) C-109 None Petley Yeah, and maybe you think you don't! (___) C-110 None Petley Whatcha'all mean,son--y' Ain't never heerd of Texas! (___) C-111 None Petley Anybody knows there ain't no such thing as a faithful tomcst! (___) C-112 None Petley I want my money back! (___) C-112A None Petley We don't care where we're goin:...we just see where we've been. (___) C-113 None Petley We ain't no good at dividing or subtracting...but we sure can multiply! (___) C-114 None Petley Howdy from out where the vest begins! (___) C-115 None Petley Square Tower Ruin, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado (___) C-115 None Petley Tex, you're sure welcome here but I'm afraid it won't measure up to TEXS! (___) C-116 None Petley Persistent cuss, ain't he? (MB_) C-117 None Petley Last Chance Desert Ahead (Dog and Tree) (___) C-119 None Petley Hain't never seen a man who could fish and worry at the same time (___) C-120 None Petley Three-Fourths of the earth's surface is water... and 1/4 is land. Therefore it is clear the good lord intends that a man should spend three times as much tome fishing than he does working. (___) C-121 None 1957 Petley Sure havin' a swell time fishin' and relaxin' (___) C-122 None Petley Old Bankers Never Die... ...They Just Lose Their Interest (___) C-123 None Petley SERVICE with a SMILE (___) C-124 None Petley Old crapshooters never die-they just fade away (___) C-125 None Petley WE SHOOT EVERY 10th SALESMAN ...THE NINTH JUST LEFT... (___) C-126 None Petley THIS IS A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION... More words (___) C-127 None 1957 Petley Headquarters for fishermen, salesmen, hunters and all other fancy liars (___) C-128 None Petley There is no place just like this place anywhere near this place so this must be the place (___) C-129 None Petley The boss isn't always right... but he is always boss (___) C-130 None Petley Don't Stare at the bartender..some day you may be crazy, too... (___) C-131 None 1957 Petley There's lotsa reasons for drinkin' ... One jist come inta my head ... If yuh don't drink when you're livin' ... How kin yuh drink when you're dead? (___) C-132 None Petley When I was in business I was always the LOW BIDDER (___) C-133 None 1957 Petley To heck with the diet... we only live once! (___) C-134 None 1957 Petley CAUTION! Be sure brain is in gear before putting mouth in motion (___) C-135 None Petley Sure Had A wonderful time last night (___) C-136 1957 Petley Why Worry? (More words) (___) C-137 None Petley DON'T WORRY if you're in debt! More words (___) C-138 None Petley THE BUMBLEBEE CANNOT FLY... more words (___) C-139 None Petley Sure Hafta Go Through A Lot To Make Sales Out Here (No C in front of Number) (___) C-140 None Petley A SALESMAN is a man who knows very little about a great deal & keeps knowing less and less about more & more until he knows practically nothing about everything. (___) C-141 None Petley Old huntrs never die..they just smell that way (___) C-142 None Petley A Sure way to cure a Hangover (___) C-163 None Petley SMILE (More Words) GROUCH (More words) (___) C-200 (May be same as C32 above ??-seen but not verified)

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"NOTICE OF BOB PETLEY PASSING" Robert Teeple Petley died July 7, 2006. Born November 11, 1912, in Akron, Ohio, Robert T. Petley is the son of Herbert and Edna Teeple Petley. Hisfather was an inventor and product developer for the Goodrich Tire and

Rubber Company, where he helped pioneer the balloon tire. As a small boy, Bob moved with his mother, to the home of his maternal grandparents. As a boy, he worked on his grandfather's dairy farm near Akron, and later drove a milk truck during summer vacations. After attending King Elementary School, he entered Akron's West High School, where he played football, threw the javelin, and was in constant demand as a designer of posters and banners publicizing school events. Bob was a boxer of unusual talent and one of his proudest accomplishments was winning the regional Golden Gloves title in 1931 while attending Culver Military Academy. He later coached boxing in Chicago. He entered Hiram College (Ohio) in 1933, and graduated with an A.B. degree in 1937. His college activities included football and track. He was a member of Sigma Delta Psi, a national honorary athletic fraternity. During the years between 1937 and 1943, Bob sold candy for the Life Saver Company, promoted a national marbles tournament for Scripps-Howard Newspapers, sold shirts for Cluett-Peabody Co., and worked for Fisher Body Division, illustrating repair procedures for the B-29 Bomber. On July 10, 1942, he was married to Kathlyn Niles, and in 1943, because of persistent problems with arthritis, they moved to Arizona where he was hired by Fred Myers of the Arizona Republic and Gazette, and was on staff in the display advertising department of the paper, and remained on the staff for three years. Bob was too full of energy and ambition to settle for a desk job. He could foresee a huge market for tourist postcards as soon as wartime travel restrictions were

lifted, so he left the Republic, and from his home, with twelve black and white humorous postcards he created, he started his postcard company, Petley Studios, Inc., which would later become the nations largest publisher and distributor of scenic color postcards, with an annual sales exceeding 25,000,000 pieces through 3500 dealers in Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, southwestern Colorado, and eastern California. In addition to Petley Studios, Inc., Bob owned retail stores in Ouray and Silverton, Colorado. Today, several of Bob's early postcards are now collector's items, many of which are now on display at the Smithsonian Institute. One of his most famous postcards was that of the Jackalope. He was a member of Scottsdale Masonic Lodge #43 and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason of The Phoenix Consistory. Bob is survived by his daughter Vicky Petley and grandson Brandon Reid Petley. He also had a son, Robert who died at the age of 45. A funeral service will be held, Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 10:00 AM at Messinger Indian School Mortuary, 7601 E. Indian School Road. The family requests that any contributions be sent to Americare Hospice, 1103 S. Mesa Drive, Ste 2, Mesa, AZ 85210. Sign the Guest Book at Published in the East Valley Tribune on 7/11/2006.